Velorail in the Ardèche region

Small rail car with little wheels. A wild and luxuriant nature. The Vélorail in Ardèche region, in Gorges du Doux, is a must-see for your vacation. At the heart of picturesque surroundings, this activity give you the possibility to admire local mountains with the river. A small physical effort, laugh and a camera full of memorable moments. From April to September, the landscapes are constantly changing but always with the same pleasure.

Velorail in the Ardèche region

What about coming in Ardèche Hermitage area and live a unique experience?

As soon as you arrive, right in front of you, a little stone station. Inside, you will find the warm welcome of the seasonal workers, and outside “les coccinelles” cars (the beetle ): the railcars of Vélorail in Ardèche from Gorges du Doux.

The departure is about to happen, like a return to childhood. The “athletes” in the front and the kids in the back. The first pedal stroke is given. Let’s go for the adventure!  Few ride are possible, but they all have one thing in common: amazement. In front of you, the local mountains. Bellow, the Doux River. Fascinating and touching surroundings. The flowering meadows in spring, the song of the cicadas in summer and the flamboyant colours of autumn offer you a spectacle on every journey. The legs are a bit hard on the pedals, but no pain, just happiness! At your own pace/rhythm, camera in hand, you immortalise the moment. The railway tracks take the downward slope. It is time to let your legs go. Have fun!


Arriving at the station of « Troyes » (village of saint Jean de Muzols), this is the end of the Vélorail ride in the Ardèche region, in Gorges du Doux but it is the start for another one. You can see the railcars waiting for you to return. Two red and white historic wagons recognisable by their curves. They are also called “Micheline” even if that’s a language mistake: the railway enthusiast will tell you that the Micheline had Michelin tyres. On board, the experience is mind-blowing. Old seats, comfortable or almost, windows not so young but which reveal the landscape. Careful, on summertime it is hot, no air conditioning. This journey is unlike any other, it keeps all its authenticity!

Back to the station of the Vélorail in Ardèche, this is a good opportunity for a break or to eat a snack. This is also the good time to talk about this amazing experience. A walk  in this old village of Boucieu le Roi with the house Bailli, the pretty alley in stone with the panoramic view from the heart of the village which allow us to end on a high note of this activity of Velorail in Ardèche.

Vélorail en Ardèche
vélorail station
Autorail en Ardèche
Historic wagon "Micheline"
Gorges de l'Ardèche en Vélorail
Les Gorges du Doux


The rides of the velorail in ardèche

The chestnut adventure ride: 8km

Ideal for beginners. This ride last 1h45. You can appreciate a nice view through the lands. The start from the station of Boucieu le Roi is first done by railcar. The train on the ascending part carries you and you continue with the experience of the Vélorail in the Ardèche to pedal the downhill part. Not too much effort for more fun!

The narrow pass adventure ride: 12 km

For an easy level. This ride last 2h. You start the activity by the railcar in Ardèche, in the heart of the gorges. This is the initial ride of this activity. On a cliffside, vertiginous. You also pass through a tunnel. The feeling on the way down is 25 km/h! Then you take up by a railcar: your legs say thank you! 




The Viaduct adventure ride : 12 km

For athletes. This ride last 2h30. You start by the ascension in autorail. The pedalling comes right after. On board of a railcar in Ardèche region, you enjoy the winding descents of this viaduct ride. Mountains and river in front of you, the contemplation is magical. Ideal for admiring tunnel, viaduct and bridges.

The Great Adventure ride : 20km

For more fun. As its name suggest, you need to be a little more trained on the pedal stroke. This ride combine the narrow adventure and viaduct adventure. You start by the autorail and then you come back in railcar on a large part of the railway track. Still downhill. Next you come back in autorail. Guaranteed thrills. Double efforts but above all double sensations!

Gorges du doux Vélorail

Pratical Informations of Railbikes in Ardèche

  • For organizational reasons, you need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the activity.
  • Our five-seat rail bikes carry two front pedallers + 3 passengers ( children only )
  • All participants must be able to walk alone.
  • To be allowed to pedal, children must measure over 1.40m and must be accompanied by an adult at the front.
  • For safety reasons, children weighing under 9kg are not accepted on the rail bikes. For those over this weight our team can adapt a child seat (if available).
  • Dogs are allowed on a lead
  • In rainy weather, the rail bikes continue to run
  • A free parking lot available at 50m from the station of Boucieu le roi.
  • A refreshment stand on site with sweet and savoury food and drinks.
  • Possibility to take a bag or a cooler on board.

Rates of the activity rail bike in Ardèche

  • The chestnut adventure ride: 17€ full care, 11€ for children (4-13) - 16€ for people with disabilities on presentation of a disability card.
  • The narrow pass adventure ride: 21€ full care, 14€ for children (4-13) - 20€ for people with disabilities on presentation of a disability card.
  • The viaduct adventure ride: 21€ full care, 14€ for children (4-13) - 20€ for people with disabilities on presentation of a disability card.
  • The great adventure ride: 38€ full care, 25€ for children (4-13) - 36€ for people with disabilities on presentation of a disability card.

For all rides: free for toddler under 4 and over 9kg but the ticket must be reserved.

The reservation is highly recommended. You can buy your ticket at the tourism office of Tournon sur Rhône, Tain l’Hermitage, Saint Félicien and Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse.

Buy tickets online

Village de Boucieu le Roi
Boucieu le Roi


Boucieu le Roi

This village is consider as one of the most beautiful village of the Ardèche. Boucieu le Roi, we can describe it as typical and authentic. Stone houses and a history of its own. Charming, picturesque. Nicknamed the village with thousand secrets, it reveals a surrounding and a peaceful atmosphere. The river underneath, like so the Pont du Roi bridge which allows it to be crossed, gives way for disconnection.


All you have to know about Boucieu le Roi


The steam train: Train de l’Ardèche

The whistling noise of the train, the steaming steam on the horizon, the wagon of bygone days, you have arrived at the Train de l’Ardèche station. This activity can be compatible with the rail bikes in Ardèche. Arriving at this station of Saint Jean de Muzols, this is “wow”. The impressive machine is right here, in front of you. Almost intimidating. Means of original transport to walk the cliffs of the Gorges du Doux.

All about the Train de l’Ardèche


Train de l'Ardèche
Boucieu le Roi

In Ardèche Hermitage we are ready to make you live new experiences. More than an invitation, it's a promise, your most beautiful holidays are here ! 

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