12 major touristic sites in ardeche-hermitage

12 major touristic sites in Ardèche Hermitage

Amazing landscapes, unique places to discover, exceptional terroirs, a lot of gourmandise, authenticity, art de vivre … Discover 12 major touristic sites in Ardèche Hermitage! Which sites you can’t miss ? Here, you will find some good advices in order to prepare in the better way your next vacations and enjoy its !

Discover the Gorges du Doux with the Train of Ardèche or with a ride in Vélorail (railbike)

Whistle and smoke, there it is the Train de l'Ardèche ! Come on board and have a ride inside the Gorges du Doux, classified as a sensitive territory, a place where the only access is the railway. On a steam rhythm, enjoy these wild landscapes and be charmed by the authenticity of the Doux Valley. It’s a major activity in Ardèche Hermitage. The Vélorail des Gorges du Doux  is another way to stroll along the Gorges. It’s a little bit more adventurous, closer to the Nature. As the name says it, you need to pedal to move this little car. It’s open to everybody. It’s a nice ride, board inside these small draisines, looking like a ladybug, in Boucieu le Roi.

Mastrou - Train de l'Ardèche

Train de l’Ardèche

Train de l'Ardèche

Colline de l'Hermitage
©Benoit Petit

Go to the Hermitage Hill

It’s a trip to one of the most beautiful designation of the world : the Hermitage Hill is classified as National Heritage since 2013. It’s like a postcard, with the emblematic landscape of Ardèche Hermitage. Thanks to the route “Sur les Pas de Gambert” by La Cave de Tain, stroll to the Hill : 4.5 Km to discover this famous landscape. All your efforts will be honoured by the amazing view from the top and see the Rhône River and the cities of Tain l’Hermitage and Tournon sur Rhône. The Road Train in the Hermitage Vineyards offers you a beautiful effortless ride, between vineyards and orchards, and gives a marvellous view on the Rhône Valley.

Taste our amazing wine appellattions : Hermitage Saint Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage

Ours terroirs give birth to 3 tasty appellations from les Côtes du Rhône : Hermitage, Saint Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage. It’s essentially red wine, 100% Syrah, a kind of grape from the Rhône Valley. Walk into our vineyards, meet our winegrower, discover their expertise and have a wine tasting. Guided tour of the winery, wine fair, open day or matinée gourmande are many reasons to discover wines from our territory (please drink responsibly).

Know more

Dégustation de vin
Raphael K.
Cité du chocolat
PH. Barret

Have a look at the Cité du Chocolat Valrhona

Go for a tasty journey to discover what is hidden behind the famous chocolate square. From the cacao tree to the chocolate factory, live a total immersion inside this chocolate-flavoured universe. Enjoy an interactive and playful tour. It’s adapted to all your family members ! The chocolate experts from the Cité  offer you a lot of animations and workshops. It’s a major tasty break of Ardèche Hermitage !

Cité du Chocolat Valrhona

Sail on the Rhône River with the Compagnie des Canotiers

Board on the all new boat of the Compagnie des Canotiers. Along the Rhône, discover with a different point of view the landscape. For a short ride or a dinner cruise, let be rocked by the river and enjoy the conviviality. Bernard and Véronique love to tell stories about the history river during an outside of time journey !

Compagnie des Canotiers

Nouveau bâteau de la compagnie des Canotiers

Stroll into our botanical gardens

These extraordinary gardens are carefully maintain by some committed gardeners. Discover unique and amazing places thanks to The Garden of Eden, located in Tournon sur Rhône, and the Zen Garden, at Beaumont Monteux. The Garden of Eden is a green jewellery box inside the City Centre, a piece of our Heritage. Eric Lelong, the owner, has created his garden with more love than raison because of his impressive work. A tour is highly recommended when you are in Tournon sur Rhône : discover a little part of Heaven !

Jardin d'Eden


The  Zen Garden is the masterpiece of Eric Borja. Classified as an extraordinary garden and hidden in the middle of the vineyards, this place takes you away ! The Japanese atmosphere is an invitation to a journey and wellness. It’s a curiosity inside the heart of the Drôme des Collines. Be charmed by this nice walk, a major site in Ardèche Hermitage.

Jardin Zen d'Erik Borja

Jardin d'eden Tournon
Jardin d'Eden

Le Jardin d’Eden, c’est un écrin de verdure en centre-ville, un morceau de patrimoine niché au cœur des anciens remparts. Éric Lelong, le propriétaire, a façonné son jardin avec plus d’amour que de raison tant le travail effectué est impressionnant. Une visite s’impose lors de votre passage à Tournon pour découvrir ce petit coin de paradis !

Jardin d'eden Tournon
Jardin d'Eden
Jardin Zen d'Erik Borja
Jardin Zen d'Erik Borja

Sillonner les routes de l’Ardéchoise et la ViaRhôna ah ! Bicyclette

Tous à vélo en Ardèche Hermitage ! Ardèche Hermitage, c’est le point de départ de la course cycliste l'Ardéchoise, plus grande course de cyclistes amateurs d’Europe. Par conséquent, c’est une destination vélo pour tous les amoureux de cyclo mais pas seulement ! C’est aussi l’une des plus belles étapes de la ViaRhôna avec des paysages splendides, des arrêts gourmands et des visites culturelles. Parcours accessible à tous, en itinérance ou pour une simple balade au fil du Rhône, faites une belle échappée sur cette jolie voie verte.

L'Ardéchoise au départ de Saint Félicien
La nature secrète des Gorges de la Daronne

Hiking into the Gorges de la Daronne : a classified area

It’s a playful hiking, at the heart of a preserved area. With your discovery kit, share the joy of a family hiking. During your ride, open the boxes thanks to secret code hidden on your map and discover the mystery behind this charming spot. Can we add something ? Cross a singular suspension bridge named   “pont de singe”.

Gorges de la Daronne

La nature secrète des Gorges de la Daronne

Travel through time : discover our castles

Overlooking the Rhône Valley, the Castle of Tournon is impressive. Proud sentinel, it was the good of the count of Tournon. Today, it’s a museum with a collection about local history, the heritage of the famous engineer Marc Seguin and inland water shipping. Every summer, in addition of the permanent collection, the Castle welcomes an exhibition of modern art. The Castle of Charmes, located at Charmes sur l’Herbasse, was built during the XIth century. It’s a private propriety and it’s still a house ! Meet the young lord of the manor who share his passion for history. It’s a surprising tour inside a place which has still its old charm and shows marks from its past.

Chateau musée de Tournon sur Rhône
Château-musée de Tournon
Château de Charmes
château de Charmes
Boucieu le Roi, village de Caractère

Discover the 1000 secrets of a classified village : Boucieu le Roi

For all authenticity lovers, there it is a charming village ! Classified since 2008, Boucieu le Roi is one of the most beautiful village of Ardèche. The King of France Philippe the Fair found this place. Nowadays, you can stroll and discover this historical place and its many secrets … The old constructions are the witness of the past and can reveal a lot of secrets !

Boucieu le Roi, village de Caractère

Take your time at Champos Lake Estate

It’s a really popular bathing spot ! This place offers many activities. Playground slide, pedal boat, paddle, paddling pool and monitored bathing : more than enough to be smooth during hot summer days ! Champos Lake Estate  is also a place to have your pic-nic, you can buy your lunch to the snack bar, play volley ball and try a famous French game : the pétanque, surrounded by a friendly mood !

Lac de Champos
Lac de Champos

Enjoy without limit local product

Ardèche Hermitage is the paradise of food lovers : fruits from the Rhône Valley, cheese from Saint Félicien, Pogne (orange blossom flavoured brioche) from Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse, black truffle frome the Drôme des Collines … What a delight to be gourmand Meet ours producers on market places or during a guided gourmand tour, discover our local products. Enjoy ours terroirs and know-how of ours craftsperson : it’s a major activity in Ardèche Hermitage ! Another good news : the gourmandise is not a sin anymore, it’s an Art de Vivre !

And it’s not over … Be surprised by the richness of our territory ! Authenticity,  art de vivre and gourmandise are here the main ideas ! Have a look at our agenda to find the activities. We will be thrilled to welcome you during your stay in Ardèche Hermitage.



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