Boucieu le Roi: a village with outstanding character in Ardèche

Discover Boucieu le Roi, a must-see village in Ardèche Hermitage. Its beauty and environment will surprise you. You will discover a rich heritage but also activities and hikes in nature. It is a gem to explore without waiting. This small typical village is a safe bet for your stay; it lets every visitor under its spell!

Boucieu le Roi, the village with thousand secrets

An unmissable step of your stay in Ardèche Hermitage : Boucieu le Roi! Go and discover an authentic village typical of our region with its stone houses and its charming alleys.


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The certification label Village de caractère (village with outstanding character) in Ardèche

The Ardèche region created this certification in 1996. Its aim is the protection of the heritage, the nature and the history of the certified village. Like 20 other villages in Ardèche, Boucieu le Roi has this certification since 2009, which make it one of the most beautiful stay of the region.

Une histoire unique et atypique

Boucieu le Roi has a rich history. In 1299 the king Philippe 4 le Bel create “the new city of Boucieu” future royal court of law of the Haut Vivarais, which stretch from the center to the north of Ardèche. In the 17th century, the Religious Wars put an end to its legal functions and to some of its royal privileges. It is the arrival of Pierre Vigne in the 18th century, a missionary priest born in 1670 in Ardèche that will give the village a fresh start. Indeed, in 1712, he decides to settle in Boucieu le Roi because he saw in the village some topographical similarities with Jerusalem. The pilgrimage in the holy city was then so long and expensive that he decided to create a more accessible Stations of the cross in the village.

A few years later, after some requests from the young women of Boucieu, he created the congregation of the Holy Sacrament. His tomb is today in the church and the congregation is still present in the Maison Pierre Vigne above the village.

In the center of Boucieu, discover the Maison Bailli and its watchtower, registered as Historical Monument, the church Saint Jean l’Evangéliste and the museum Pierre Vigne where the sisters will warmly welcome you.

Below the village, you can admire the Pont du Roi (the bridge of the king) which span the Doux River. Built in the 15th century, the bridge makes a connection with the north of Vivarais. It is today registered as Historical Monument.

Gorges du Doux en Ardèche

The Doux Valley, a sensitive natural zone

Boucieu le Roi is located in the heart off the Doux valley, listed as “Sensitive Natural Zone” since 2015. It is a marvelous setting where the river, fauna and flora are one. You can find there protected varieties like the Anacamptis laxiflora (a plant from the orchids family) or the Greater mouse-eared bat. A fragile and curious place where you can admire the nature beauty while taking the Train of Ardèche leaving Tournon sur Rhône, or the Vélorail from Boucieu le Roi.


What to do in Boucieu le Roi ?

You will always find something to do in Boucieu le roi either alone or with family and friends. Go and discover Boucieu in an original and playful way. Have fun while nourishing your curiosity!

Vélorail of the Doux Valley

Get in one of those little cars with pedals for a ride in the heart of the Doux Valley! From the Boucieu le Roi station, you go on the railway of the famous Train of Vivarais for a convivial moment. You can choose between 3 rides depending on your level: the chestnut tree descent is 8km long, and is ideal to observe the chestnut groves located on in the Parc naturel des Monts d’Ardèche. The “Etroits” descent is 12km long and takes you in the heart of the sensible natural space of the Doux Valley. Finally, the great adventure descent is 20km long: this circuits is a mix of the two other descents, and the most challenging one. Ideal for the great outdoor lovers! For the ride back to Boucieu, enjoy the autorail to rest your legs while keep admiring the view.

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Vélorail à Boucieu le Roi en famille

Hikes : 3 walks starting in Boucieu le Roi

Ah! The nice walks! Put on your sports shoes and go to the paths around the village to take a deep breath of fresh air. We suggest you three options, let’s go!

Le Cédron option 1: 6km with an elevation gain of 263m. A 2h walk, an easy loop accessible to everyone, which will enable you to discover the nature around Boucieu le Roi.

Le Cédron option 2: 8km with a 304m elevation gain. A 2h30 loop between the Doux River and the railway line of Vivarais.

The Doux path: an 11km loop with a 412m elevation gain, for a 3h30 walk time. You will walk along the crest above the Doux Valley.

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Randonnées autour de Boucieu le Roi

Practical information

To come to Boucieu le Roi from Tournon sur Rhône, go direction Lamastre on the D534

With the bus : Line 5 regional bus from Tournon

Parking : a great parking is located on the Vélorail station, another on the restaurant Chez Nath at the entrance of the village, 2 parking in the center of the village with a limited number of parking spots (not accessible to bus).

You want to eat something? Picnic areas are at your disposal at the Vélorail station and at the parking of the restaurant Chez Nath. The village also count three restaurants.

Boucieu le Roi can be discovered at each season, we invite you to come back at Spring to enjoy the Vélorail! Discover other treasures and little gems of Ardèche Hermitage: we are waiting for you!