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You only have 2 days and you want to live an incredible experience? Starting from Tournon sur Rhone, discover La Dolce Via in  Ardèche : an ideal trip for your holidays ! Only 1 hour away from Lyon, pedal on the cycling path Dolce Via and cruise on the Rhone. A loop for couples, families, friends and even for a solo trip !

La Dolce Via, cycling path in Ardèche 


La Dolce Via, promoted "best european bike road 2020" is following an old railway at the heart of Ardeche. A gentle slope accessible for everyone with a combined surface of tarmac and gravel. A 90km soft track in the center of the Eyrieu valley. A nice cycling path, where we can pedal safely, with children for a family trip. Below, enjoy the river and a fresh break ! An ideal trip in a protected environment, to fully disconnect from technology and reconnect to nature. 


Itineraries on La Dolce Via



Your Dolce Via itinerary in Ardèche combining boat, Dolce Via and Train !


Departures from Tournon sur Rhone 

For the train- bike - boat loop (3 days loop) : departures on Thurdays ar the Train de l'Ardèche at 10:15 the 12th and the 26th of May, the 9th and 21st of June, the 4th of August and the 8th of September towards Lamastre. 1h30 long trip on the steam train. A wonderfull view on the Doux Valley : a nice way to start your Dolce Via tour ! Bikes are safe in a special carriage (but don't forget to take a padlock). Once in Lamastre, it's time to pedal. It's the beginning of La Dolce Via : a wild landscape at the heart of Ardèche. Enjoy the Eyrieux River, the picnic and bathing spots! You will spend 2 days on the Dolce Via itinerary, with 2 nights in a bed and breakfast or a campsite (one in Saint Agrève, and another one in Ollière sur Eyrieux). On Saturday morning, the bike trip continues towards the Rhone near the village of La Voulte. The Canotiers's boat will wait for your arrival to take you back to Tournon. 

For the boat – bike – train loop  (on 2 days) : departures on Saturdays mornings at 8 :45 on the Quai Farconnet in Tournon sur Rhone the 30th of april, the 14th and 28th of May, the 11th of June, the 23rd of July, the 6th and 20th of August, and the 10 of September. Your itinerary will start on the water with the Canotiers’s boat, a nice cruise on the Rhone River. When you arrive at La Voulte sur Rhone, it is time to get on your bike on La Dolce Via on its slightly rising part, accessible to all. Roaming the Eyrieux valley in nature, and following the river is magical. You arrive on Sunday in Lamastre to board the steam train with your bikes. It is time to enjoy the wild landscapes of the Doux Valley.

Departures from Lamastre or Le Cheylard

On 3 days from Friday to Sunday, start from the city of Lamastre to enjoy a bike - boat - train loop. Departure from Lamastre the 29 of April, the 13th and 27th of May, the 10 of June, the 22th of July, the 5th and 19th of August and the 9 of September. 




The Viarhona instead of the boat from Tournon sur Rhone 

If the boat departure dates do not match with your Dolce Via trip, you can bike instead ! Join Tournon sur Rhone through the Viarhona at the end of your bike trip on La Dolce Via (La Voulte sur Rhone). La Viarhona is a cycling path following the Rhone River from Geneva to the Mediterranean sea.

It is possible to leave Tournon by bike on the Viarhona to join La Dolce Via, and then come back to Tournon with the steam train. You can also do it the other way by starting your trip with the train, then La Dolce Via, and finally la Viarhona.


We tested for you La Dolce Via with kids

 Prepare your Dolce Via itinerary 


For a perfect stay, prepare your coming on the Dolce Via : bike, stay, restaurant, and booking of the train and the boat. 

The Train de L’Ardèche

One of the must-go of Ardèche. Also named "Mastrou", the steam train of Ardèche offers you a unique experience. The steam, the handwork of the railway workers, the steam train will take you on a unique tour at the heart of the Doux Valley. Departure from the station of Saint Jean de Muzols. The ride lasts 1:30 hour to reach Lamastre, where La Dolce Via starts. All along the ride, landscapes are amazing, a magical experience for both childrens and adults.

For your excursion on La Dolce Via, you have to book the train to Lamastre, and don’t forget to book a spot for your bike too! However if you start your tour with the boat part, you will have to book the train from Lamastre to Tournon.


                                                                                     Plus d'info sur le Train



Cruises on the Rhone : Campagnie des Canotiers 


A light breeze blowing, the water sounds: cruising on the Rhone is calming and relaxing. All along the tour, you can listen to the explanations of Bernard and Véronique, “les canotiers”. Enjoy the trip and the lock passage in Bourg les Valence, a unique adventure!

To enjoy this nice boat tour, book your single ticket between La Voulte and Tournon. If you start your Dolce Via itinerary by the boat part, take your ticket the other way around ( Tournon sur Rhone and La Voulte).


More information about Les Canotiers


Rent a bike and discover the Dolce Via shuttle 

Do you want to rent a bike in Tournon sur Rhone ? Station Bee's rents electric bikes for your trip on the Dolce Via. If you need a shuttle to carry your bikes with you from Tournon to La Dolce Via, the Palisse coach can take care of you. 


All information about the shuttles here





Restaurants and stays on your Dolce Via itinerary

It is highly recommended to enjoy a good resting night after your effort. Savour a local meal and meet the bed and breakfast hosts or camping neighbors. The Ardèche values and specialties make the Dolce Via travel an anthentic experience. 

Stays & Restaurants

Go with a quiet mind by downloading the Dolce Via itinerary!

We are ready to welcome you at the Tourist office of Tournon, Tain l'Hermitage, Saint Félicien and Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse to help you prepare your adventure. See you soon in Ardèche Hermitage ! 

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