Nature’s gifts

Welcome to a land of bountiful nature, where earth, sun, vegetation and the human hand have fruitfully combined to yield exceptional landscapes.

Trees & Gardens

Nature here is so helpful and generous, it is inevitably a muse and source of creativity. Two places crafted by inspired gardeners reflect the perfect osmosis between nature and the human hand. Worth visiting for their singular beauty and the spirit they radiate.

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Simply di-vine walks

Gnarled vines, proud stakes and dry-stone walls stand cheek-by-jowl with these paths, and the sunshine – such a magical ingredient – enhances and embellishes all that it bathes.

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Observe the Rhone valley and its vineyards ... by car or by foot, enjoy the viewpoints that give a good overview of the Ardèche Hermitage territory.

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By the waterside

Escape to a parallel world... Hop from bank to bank, seduced by the sound of rippling water and a breath of cool air.

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