Florence tested the Parc Mille et Une Cornes (« 1001 horns park »)

With the sunny days arriving, I’m putting lots of family outings on the agenda ! Last week-end, we visited the Mille et Une Cornes park ( “1001 horns park”!) : a real nice discovery !

Here, no crowed, we stroll quietly in a shady, terraced 3-hectars park. My Sweetie, who first expected to count the 1001 horns, rapidly forgot her challenge: there were so many surprises in those wide runs !

Indeed, if you imagine you’ll find here a plenty of classical white and ruminating sheets, you didn’t get it : we met all sorts of horns, short, sharp, sideways, reeled, enormous, twisted… I never could imagine I would meet so many different and original breeds of animals with horns and goatees !

Just notice that the passionate people who created this place campaign for the endangered animals conservation, so we travelled through all kinds of original breeds, from the sheet from Corsica to the one from Ouessant or even from Cameroon ; from the Syrian goat “with long ears”, to the one from the Central Massif “with pointed horns”, we even met goats with 4 horns !!!

Around the animals, a discovery tour with a greenhouse with 1001 flowers for the 1001 bees, a museum with old tools, a garden with medieval plants, a collection of bells of the world… But the climax of the day was the 1001 strokes park that we located just at our arrival ! Even the youngest can enter the run to stroke the kids ! Just imagine my Sweeties’ s face at the feeding bottle’s time, when she was invited to feed her favourite “Tout Gris” ! Some stars are still in her eyes when talking about this magical moment ! I just need now to make her understand that we won’t adopt any kid at home, neither “Tout Gris” which is really happy in his park… So for sure, we’ll be soon back to the Mille et Une Cornes park to see him again !


1001 horns park