Truffles in Drôme des Collines.

A treasure of gastronomy, the black truffle from the Drôme des Collines, star of the winter season, showed up in November! It ennobles the dishes and enjoys the taste buds, it is modestly nicknamed the black diamond of gastronomy. It is enough to taste it to understand why the truffle seduces gourmets.

Tuber Melanosporum alias The Black truffle of Drôme des Collines.

A mushroom with a sacred reputation, the darling of great chefs, the truffle flavors and sublimates all the dishes of the season.

cavage en Drôme des Collines

An exceptional terroir

From its Latin name, Tuber melanosporum, the truffle is a hypogeal mushroom, that is to say that it grows underground and the soil is an essential element for its development. Added to the soil is the climate and of course the presence of trees, because to produce truffles, you need mycorrhization (myco, “mushroom” and rhiza, “root”). It cannot reach maturity without the roots of a host plant, the famous truffle oaks. In short, you need an exceptional terroir! And in your opinion, which department with a fabulous terroir produces black truffles? You guessed it, the answer is in the title! Cocorico: the Drôme 1st black truffle producing department in France, and more precisely the Drôme des Collines and its some 500 producers, 1200 hectares of truffles.

Truffle Season

The season usually begins in mid-November, indeed truffle growers are authorized to sell their harvest from November 15, the official date marking the start of the wholesale markets. It is during the festive period that the truffle is very successful, it sublimates and wonderfully flavors the dishes.

The weather playing an important role in the development of the truffle, it escapes no one that drought can have some consequences on the total production, even if the truffle growers ensure the supply of water. The drop in temperature is also important, to allow the truffle to reach maturity.

Truffes noires de la Drôme des collines

The noble brotherhood of the black truffle in Drôme des collines

This brotherhood of truffle growers and enthusiasts was founded in 2007 in Charmes sur l'Herbasse, with the aim of promoting the famous Tuber Melanosporum alias the queen of truffles. Ambassadors of the Drôme de Collines, its gastronomy and its wonderful terroir in France but also abroad. The brotherhood takes part in many events: Masses, fairs, markets... The brotherhood offers "discovery mornings", welcome to the producer, the famous cavage, research in the truffle field with the dogs without forgetting the convivial glass of friendship and the tasty meal of the "trufficulteur". These mornings are organized in January and February in 2022 by appointment for groups of 10 people minimum, ideal for a weekend with friends around the Truffle in Ardèche Hermitage. Curious and gourmets will be delighted with this moment of discovery and indulgence.

The noble brotherhood of the black truffle in Drôme des collines   Discovery mornings

Cavage avec le chef Bruno Chartron
truffe de le Drôme
truffe noire de la Drôme

La Maison Chartron: a benchmark

One of the most beautiful restaurants in Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse, a family story, a passion passed down for 4 generations and a house that is now part of the Donatien heritage. The Chartron house is a generous and tasty cuisine, a neat presentation, a friendly service, seasonal menus concocted by Bruno Chartron and his son Mathieu Chartron, chefs but also truffle growers, they offer you stays around the Truffle "From the truffle on the plate with an authentic chef”. Another pretext to attend a cavage accompanied by his faithful dog, a lagotto romagnolo (truffle dog of Italian origin). This beautiful discovery continues with an excellent lunch, with the famous truffle brouillade, which simply reveals all the flavors of the truffle. A moment of excellence enhanced by the know-how of the in-house sommelier, an essential address for gourmets.

Maison Chartron

Buy the Black Truffle from the Drôme des Collines.

The secrets of the chefs are sometimes too well kept, it is not always easy to know where to buy the black diamond.


Appointment with truffle growers

Some unmissable events are organized to meet the producers, get some truffles and share the know-how of the truffle growers. First of all, every year on the Sunday before Christmas, there is the unmissable « Foire aux volailles, truffes et saveurs des Collines » (local fair) in Saint Donat sur L’Herbasse. Other meetings with truffle growers are planned during the year as with our "neighbours" with the Truffle Festival "The truffle, a planet to savor" in Valence, on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 January 2022.

La Baume Saint Antoine

Specialists in the field, Karine and Franck Boissieux welcome you to their truffle farm a few minutes from Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse. Whether it is to buy Black Truffles from the Drôme des Collines, visit the truffle farm or enjoy a meal at the farm-inn, you will discover all the secrets of the truffle through the different formulas offered throughout the year at Baume Saint Antoine.


La Baume Saint Antoine

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