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The old part of the city has kept some traces from its past. While ambling through the streets, you will find elegant buildings proving how well-off the inhabitants were at that time, and cellars where to discover its wines: Hermitage and Crozes Hermitage.
Some historical buildings are to discover there: the former granary to store salt and its turret, or Courbis' private house and its beautiful Renaissance courtyard. An expiatory altar (Autel taurobolique: altar to celebrate a sacrifice called Taurobole) will take you back to ancient times, while some vestiges of a medieval gate will remind you of the walled city in the 12th century.
The history of France was also written in Tain l'Hermitage in the 14th century when King Charles V's wedding at the Church Notre Dame de Tain set the seal on the incorporation of the Dauphiné into France.
Other monuments such as the Marc Seguin cable suspension bridge or the Chapelle of Larnage still show today the technical, historical and social progress of the 19th century made here.
You will end your discovery with a touch of nostalgia while crossing the mythical Route Nationale 7. Here are just a few of the buildings to explore on a stroll: the former 15th century salt storehouse with its wachtower, the Courbis mansion and its beautiful Renaissance courtyard, now home to the Palué Museum, a Taurobolic altar that will take you back to the ancient origins of the town, while the remains of a medieval gateway will take you back to the 12th century fortified town.
French history made a stopover at Tain l'Hermitage in the 14th century, when the royal wedding of Charles V in the church of Notre Dame de Tain sealed the union of the Dauphiné with France.
Other monuments such as the Marc Seguin suspension bridge and the Chapelle de Larnage still bear witness to the historic technical and social advances that were made here in the 19th century.
You'll end your visit with a nostalgic stroll along the legendary Route Nationale 7, so celebrated by the Fou Chantant, an eternal holiday tune...


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