Charmes sur l'Herbasse


Charmes is dominated by its medieval castle and surrounded by lovely forests where the visitor will like to go walking. The village enjoys the proximity of the river Herbasse ant it shares with Saint Donat the recreational park of Champos where one can go swimming, windsurfing The large wooden surface ( more than 350 ha) has always been a wealth for the commune and its inhabitants. The water of the Herbasse, wilful river, after serving as a motive force for the mill, the sawmill..., serves for the field watering. Those two natural assets enable to walk along the water or in the undergrowth. A part of the Lac de Champos is on the village territory. The Château de Charmes can be visited.


Free access.


All year round, daily.


Grouped tour

Unguided group tours available permanently

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Unguided individual tours available permanently


Languages spoken

  • French


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