Follow Perrine for a nice hike into the Drôme des Collines

In order to start the year in a beautiful way, there is nothing better than a hike into the Drôme des Collines. So, tie yours chooses and be prepared for a new adventure ! 2022 : good year, good air.

Our app : Rando Ardèche Hermitage

Sport person or not, hiking can be your good resolution of 2022 ! Our app is made for you ! You can uploaded it for free thanks to the Apple store or Play store and you are good to go ! There are tens of itinerary available : by foot or bicycle, make your choice all over our area.

Open the app, choose your way thanks to different filters : duration, elevation gain, pedestrian way, electric bike or not,  etc. … When you are done with this, upload your itinerary : no need to be online after ! Kepp only the GPS tracking. 

Now, you just have to follow the indication given by the app and enjoy your hike !



The website Rando Ardèche Hermitage

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Perrine takes you for a hike into the Drôme des Collines

The Drôme des Collines is certainly the greener and most rolling countryside of our area. And, after the Chrismas Hollidays, I think it can be perfect for me because of every wonderful meals I ate … It’s time to go for fresh air ! The weather is good and it’s a real advantage to keep my good resolution !

As I already use every guide I have, I decide to choose one itinerary from the app rando-ardeche-hermitage. I scroll all over the app and I upload the itinerary of my choice : Barthernay , here I come ! I never hike into this area so it’s the perfect opportunity to discover something new .

Bathternay is a little village in the heart of the Drôme des Collines. I park my car in front of the city hall and I start this loop, made of 17 Kms !

Ok … I can tell than you are a little afraid by this number ! But don’t worry ! Me too ! That’s why I study the map to find a shorter way : I decide to do only the half of it ! Thanks to the geolocation, it’s really easy to follow my progression and to be sure of my way ! I’m totally in love with this app !

The beginning of the way is the hardest part ! I go up and I pass along some incredible houses. Before the church, I enjoy those troglodytic houses made from “mollasse” stones (sand stone). It’s just unbelievable !

First stop at the church : a Romanesque art church from the outside but totally gothic in the inside ! This wonderful monument gives also a nice view on the neighbouring countryside. I follow the road and, at the top, I take a minute to enjoy the view on the Mont Froid. Even during winter time, the Drôme des Collines is still green but a little morning fog gives a mystical mood !

I’m now in the middle of the forest. I go down the village. The forest surrounds the path, making a kind of arch, simply beautiful with the sun.  It’s my favourite portion of the hike !