Top 5 visit ideas around Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse

The picturesque little town of Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse is located at the heart of the Drôme hills. Life is peaceful there; it is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday.  Rolling countryside, orchards as far as the eye can see, breathtaking views of the Vercors and not to mention the rich historical and cultural heritage of the area. That is what Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse is all about. The villages located along the river Herbasse are full of surprises! Here are our top 5 activities in the area of Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse.

 1 - Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse: a past full of history 

Prieuré Saint Donat

Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse is a great place to live and there are many reasons to come and visit the town. The richness of its heritage, the sweet flavour of the Pogne Donatienne from the famous Ronjat bakery, the coolness of the Champos lake... Do not hesitate and take the time to stop in Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse to discover this magnificent town!

 The Delphinal Palace

Up above town, it is here that in the Middle Ages a church was originally built. It was then replaced by a collegiate church and by a priory where canons used to live.  Nowadays, the imposing buildings still dominate the town. You can visit the Collegiate Church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic art, and admire its magnificent contemporary baroque organ, which was the origin of the Bach Festival created in 1962. Continue your visit to the Priory of Saint Donat and more precisely in the courtyard of the cloister, which is highly decorated with ornaments from the 12th century. During exhibitions or guided tours, you can discover the rooms of the Delphinal Palace, a former conventual building, as well as the Chapel of Saint Michel that is located on the square in front of the Collegiate Church. Inside of the collegiate, you will discover splendid wall paintings from the 14th century.

At the bottom of the Priory, a village surrounded by ramparts was established around the 13th or the 14th century. Here, the molasse is the characteristic stone of the buildings and troglodytic houses can be admired to the east of the village. Go on with your visit by walking through the narrow streets of Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse, you will discover many buildings that will remind you that the town was once at the heart of many military actions during the Resistance period in the Second World War. A famous couple of writers hid there for more than a year: Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet.

 A pedestrian path at the heart of the city centre of Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse

Punctuated with explanatory signs, it will allow you to discover the different aspects of the town’s history. From the Priory to the places of memory of the resistance and to the old industrial heritage, Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse will have no more secrets for you!

2 - The Champos Lake is in our top 5 visit ideas of Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse !

Looking for a place to relax, to take a cool break, or to share activities with your family? The Champos leisure centre and its lake is the ideal place for you. It is one of our top 5 places to visit in Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse. Established in a verdant space, you can spend a day by the lake, where the swimming area is supervised, and enjoy many activities. Prepare your beach towel and enjoy the sandy beaches ! You can also hire canoes, pedalos, paddles and enjoy the two water slides for a sensational experience. For your little ones, there is an area with water jets. Everyone, young and old, will spend a great summer day at the Champos Lake for sure. Right next to the lake you will also find a campsite as well as chalets that are available for rent. It is the ideal place for a perfect holiday !

The Champos lake

 3 -  The castle of Charmes sur l’Herbasse

Impossible not to mention the castle of Charmes sur l'Herbasse in the top 5 visit ideas around Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse!

As soon as you arrive at the entrance of the village of Charmes sur l'Herbasse, you can see this majestic castle that was built in the 11th century. Over time, the castle of Charmes was transformed by its owners, including the illustrious Imbert de Bathernay, grandfather of Diane de Poitiers. After many years of neglect, an extraordinary restoration project have been carried out at the castle. Come and discover the treasures of French furniture through the private collections of the castle as well as the passion of the owners. The castle of Charmes welcomes you during the summer season for guided tours and special events.

Well, are you ready to take a step back in history and discover this site which is one of our top 5 visit ideas around Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse ?

The castle of Charmes

Château de Charmes

 4 -  Animal parks for your children's enjoyment

Right next to Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse, two sites will delight the little ones. Go to the Parrot Park in Bren or to Mille et une Cornes in Charmes sur l'Herbasse to share simple moments of happiness with your family. Here are two must-see sites in our top 5 visit ideas in Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse:

The Parrot Park

A few kilometres north of Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse, meet Daniel and his son Jérôme, who are true nature lovers and especially parrot lovers.  With its 400 parrots, visiting the Parrot Park feels like being in a small part of the tropical jungle. You will have the opportunity to admire budgerigars, cockatoos and macaws for example. During the summer season, you can enjoy an impressive and entertaining open-air show every afternoon. The show lasts between one hour and a half and two hours. You will have the opportunity to watch the birds fly, ride a skateboard or even a buggy. Take a few minutes to observe them up close. An unforgettable moment to share with your family!

The Parrot Park


Parc aux Perroquets

Mille et une cornes

Twenty years ago, a wonderful story began in Charmes sur l'Herbasse where the mille et une cornes park is established. It is an authentic site in the middle of nature that is a must-see for children! Mille et une cornes is a rescue farm where you will discover more than 250 animals, including endangered species of goats and sheep. Throughout the season, come and smell, touch and stroke the animals! We also have to mention the botanical trail, the wool and butter museums as well as the caravans where you can spend a night as closely as possible to the animals. A real change of scene !

Milles et une Cornes


Mille et une cornes
©Anaël Assier


5 - Take the wheel with Easy Buggy !

Make way for the sensations in our top 5 visit ideas around Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse ! In the village of Bren, a few kilometres from Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse, Isabelle and Jeff offer an original activity for all ages and all budgets. Are you ready for a buggy ride in the Drôme hills ? Enjoy an experience full of sensations and discoveries. Several options are available from 30 minutes to a full day. We strongly advise that you book your tickets in advance.*



Here we are. We have shared with you our top 5 visit ideas to discover the area around Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse. There are obviously other gems for you to discover in Ardèche Hermitage, check out our must-sees for a day, a weekend or more.