Perrine leads you to The Dureza : a new wine bar in Tain l’Hermitage

M.CHAPOUTIER’s universe 

M.CHAPOUTIER is a famous name all over the world for the wine lovers. Maybe you already saw this name in France, Portugal or Australia ! This legend starts 200 years ago with the first winery. The CHAPOUTIER family is totally invested and the activity increases. In France and in others countries, M.CHAPOUTIER owns different vineyards in order to product the wine we know. However, the story doesn’t stop here!

The estate first value is to produce thanks to the biodynamic process*. In addition, M.CHAPOUTIER encourages to the discovery of our terroirs by mixing wine and tourism. In Tain l’Hermitage, you find the Hotel Fac&Spera. This name is the motto of M.CHAPOUTIER and it means : “Do and Hope”. And, inside this hotel, we find some reason to be surprised! It’s a delight to discover a wine bar named the Dureza. Dureza is a grape variety from north Ardèche.

* Observing, noticing and acting


The Dureza :  a wine bar

Bar à vin du Dureza
Verre de vin et planche à déguster du Bar à vin Dureza

What a surprise to discover a place dedicated to wine lovers … but not only!

The Dureza’s spirit is about offer a discovery of the different terroirs with more than 500 items. You can choose “à la carte” but you also are able to serve yourself, between 12 different wines and pay directly to the machine. You want more ? You have a selection of spirits, cocktails with or without alcohol, organic and local beer with gorgeous plates of charcuterie, cheeses and/or vegetables. More than enough to enjoy some delicious soirée !

Of course, I wanted to try this new wine bar in town !

Bar à vin du Dureza

I discover the Dureza : a new wine bar in Tain l’Hermitage

After a full-time job week, what is best than the beginning of the weekend to organise a night out ? No way to enjoy this alone ! Like M.CHAPOUTIER, our Ardèche Hermitage team has a motto : sharing and friendliness. So, I ask to the team if anybody is all set for a night out. Verdict ? It’s a “girl night” this Friday at the Dureza, the new wine bar located in Tain l’Hermitage !

The meeting-point is at the Hotel Fac&Spera because the wine bar is inside, at 7 PM. We go together inside and we discover a nice and cosy place with softened lights. This Friday night, the music played is a smooth rock. The wine bar mood is perfect with the zinc counter, chairs, banquettes … This place is really nice, the staff is is welcoming and discreet. To sum up : we fell all right !

Cocktail à la carte du Dureza
Verre de vin avec le livre des vins

We choose a banquette and start to have a look to the wine list and the one for the spirits and cocktails. Our kind waitress was both smiley and patient : we chat a lot but we have an excuse ! It’s a hard work to choose because all seems very good ! On the wine list you have wine form our territory of course but also from different places in the world … Do you know that you can drink Slovakian wine there ? Anyway, we finally order : fruit juice, mojito and of course : wine ! As for me, I choose an organic red wine named Cornas by M.CHAPOUTIER. This powerful wine is perfect with the cheese plate we ordered.

We go on the chit-chat and we enjoy this nice evening into this all new wine bar. No more than 2 drinks ! We have to drive after. However, it’s not about quantity but quality inside this wine war. We enjoy our dinks like we enjoy  this evening : by taking our time !

Nous nous installons sur une banquette et consultons la carte des vins ainsi que celle des cocktails et spiritueux. Notre charmante barmaid fut à la fois souriante et patiente ! Certes, nous papotons beaucoup mais le plus long fut de choisir parmi une longue liste de possibilités ! Pas facile de se décider … La carte des vins nous transporte non seulement dans notre région mais également autour du monde … Vous saviez que l’on trouve même du vin slovaque au Dureza ! Bref, nous finissons par passer commande : jus de fruit, mojito ou autres cocktails et bien sûr : du vin ! En ce qui me concerne, j’ai opté pour un verre de Cornas bio de chez M. CHAPOUTIER. Voilà un rouge assez puissant qui se marie fort bien avec la généreuse planche de fromage que nous avions choisi !

Les discussions reprennent de plus belle et nous passons un agréable moment dans ce nouveau bar à vin de Tain l’Hermitage. Pas plus de 2 verres ! Nous prenons la route après ! Toutefois, il ne s’agit pas de quantité mais de qualité dans cet établissement. Nous avons savouré nos verres comme notre soirée : en prenant notre temps.

Verre de vin avec le livre des vins

At the end, I already think to come back to this new wine bar in Tain l’Hermitage. The Dureza can be a new headquarter ! With colleague or with my better half, it’s a place to share with our beloved. And, next time, let’s go big ! Eat to the Bistro de Marius, the hotel’s restaurant or why not the wellness area with spa and finish by drinking an amazing glass of wine at the Dureza ?

Don’t say you weren’t warned … !

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health; alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.