Florence tested the harvest

Brutal awakening: the alarm has never rang this early! But the harvest in the cool air seems to be inevitable in late summer. The winemaker breakfast that awaits for me at the domain is absolutely delicious and makes me forget that the sun isn’t ready to rise yet… I grab my secateurs, bucket and motivation: Syrah my friend, here I come!

When I get to the bottom of the vineyard, I pick my row but I don’t dare to look at the end: if I remember well, the vineyard is steep and the endless grapevines give me and idea of the size of the task ahead. The atmosphere is joyful and everyone works with their hearts, one vine plant after another, the buckets fill up with nice grapevines. I rise up from my row to admire the rising sun on the Hermitage hill: a divine moment.

“BUCKET!” the carrier show me his pannier, I empty my bucket and start filling it up again! After 3 buckets I rediscover the existence of my back muscles… or is the grape getting heavier after each bucket?

Time for a break! We stretch out for a well-deserved snack! Delicious beverage from the domain, cold meats and cheeses, chocolate… time to share stories with each other and we’re merged back in the vineyard… The pace is rapid and the lunch break on the large table is well welcomed! Grape harvesting works up quite an appetite, I’m starving! We treat ourselves to a good meal in a friendly atmosphere…

In the afternoon, I take back where I left, my back is killing me and I mourn over my manicure… I smell like grape and I’m sticky, some insects follow me down to the last row that was given to me! I haven’t gotten up in while… my row neighbor is really funny with his old grape harvester stories !

Last “BUCKET!” and the day is over… All my muscles are sore but I got good memories out of it and I’m very proud that I got to play a part in the production of this 2017 grand cru ! My colleague grabs me, I don’t have the strength to fight back anymore and end up drowned in a bucket full of grapes: OK my grape harvester hazing is done!

Now all I need is a masseur and my bed! See you tomorrow Syrah!