Elodie enjoys the truffle hunt

So I decided to reveal to my guests the secrets of the confidential product.

Having lived for many years in the Ardèche Hermitage area, I already had some knowledge about truffle –growing but I had never lived the harvest of this local treasure.

So here I am at the meeting of Bruno Chartron, well-known chef of the restaurant of the same name in Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse, great amateur and fine cook of truffles.

We stop in a private oaks field, we overlook the hills of the Herbasse area, a beautiful landscape and a breath of fresh air.

Accompanied by “Bambou”, his faithful dog, Bruno Chartron will introduce me to truffle hunt.

Just arrived, Bambou is already rushing into the field, her flair quickly takes the chef at the foot of an oak, she smells and begins to dig, “this is a promising sign”  says Bruno Chartron. Well trained Bambou shows the place with a simple paw to his master who carefully extracts the truffle.

I am surprised and at the same time fascinated by the work of Bambou and the knowledge of the chef Bruno Chartron who explains to me with passion the mysteries of this black truffle.

After an hour “treasure hunt” , and recipe ideas in my mind, I'm ready to surpirse the taste buds of my guests.