Cruises on the Rhône from Tournon

Spring is finally here, the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in sight in the sky. The perfect weather for a cruise on the Rhône from Tournon. Hoist the colours and sail on the river on board the unique wooden Canotiers of the Rhône !

The friendly Compagnie des Canotiers invites you to join them from april 2023 to the end of summer and offers you different cruise options departing from Tournon. Whether you are a food lover, an athlete, a contemplative or a freshwater sailor, there is something for you! You just have to choose : 

2 stopovers on the Rhône with your bike

Go aboard the boat of the "Compagnie des Canotiers" and discover this beautiful larch wood boat that can take up to 70 passengers. On board, you can enjoy a terrace at the front and at the back that will allow you to admire the landscape and its history during a cruise on the Rhône from Tournon-sur-Rhône.

The 2 castles cruises

The 2 castles cruise that takes you to Valence will offer you the opportunity to discover the castle of Tournon sur Rhône as well as the Tower of Mercurol and the impressive ruins of the castle of Crussol that is perched on a granite cliff. The cruise will take you to the new pier located on the Quai Frédéric Mistral and at the foot of the Parc Jouvet which is located near the historic centre of Valence and its delicious restaurants !

Departure: wednesday and saturday at 9:30 am in Tournon sur Rhône. 


The Hermitage Cruise

Departing from Tournon, this cruise will take you past the Arras tower after passing through the large Gervans lock to arrive in Saint Vallier after a little bit less than two hours of sailing on the Rhone.

These cruises on the Rhône from Tournon offer you the possibility of taking your own bike (bikes are accepted on board free of charge) to return via the ViaRhôna, the famous cycle route located along the Rhône and linking Lake Geneva to the sea. A Boat'n Bike* option combining the pleasure of sailing and cycling on a safe route at the same time. It is ideal for families !

Departure: Thursday and sunday at 9:30 am in Tournon sur Rhône. 

 The journey of Jean du Rhone

An ideal family tour. Departure from Tournon sur Rhone on the tuesday afternoons, let's go sail on the river! A commented 45 minutes long cruise, designed for children. 

Departure: Thusday and sunday  at 4:30pm in Tournon sur Rhône. 

Vélo à bord du bateau

An hour along the waterside

Take a cruise on the Rhône River from Tournon for an hour to relax.


Sunset tour : a magical and gourmet cruise on the Rhone 

Enjoy the sunset tour at aperitive time. The twilight, the water sounds, a free wine glass, the warmth of a summer evening, and a incredible view on the Hermitage hill and the Tournon Castle. A magical and gourmet moment ! Get an hour out of time, a summer must-do accessible to small budgets. 

Departure: all evening at 6:30pm and 7h30 pm except monday. 

Aperitifs on the water with Terre de Syrah

On a summer evening, stroll along the Rhône between the Saint Joseph and Hermitage vineyards for an exceptional aperitif and taste three wines from these appellations. A glass of local fruit juice will be offered to the younger ones.  Two options are available:

Aperitif on the water between Saint Joseph and Hermitage

During a 1 hour trip, taste three wines accompanied by some regional products while being surrounded by the magnificent landscapes and hillsides of the region.

Aperitif on the water "Wine and Cheese" along the Rhône

A wine expert will take you along the Rhône for a 1h30 tasting on the water. Four wines and four cheeses will punctuate this tasting evening. An unforgettable moment!


Verre de verre croisière sur le Rhône

A boat ride to go to the restaurant !

What if you took the boat for a cruise on the Rhône to go to the restaurant ? Yes, it is possible! You can choose lunch or dinner. Discover the options offered by the Compagnie des Canotiers.


Dinner cruise “La Table du Roy”

Enjoy a timeless break with this cruise. Leave your car in Tournon and let yourself be guided along the river for a dinner on board the boat. A relaxed dinner cruise on the majestic Rhone, which will take you to the "Table du Roy" at sunset. The menu is proposed by the caterer “Ma renaissance ".


The loops: Boat, Bike and Train de l’Ardèche

What an ideal activity for a week-end! Pedal, sail and board a steam train to (re)discover our beautiful region from a different point of view. From the Doux Valley to the Viarhona via the Dolce Via greenway, get ready to have fun!

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City train and boat : the Canotier ride

Go for a cruise with the Compagnie des canotiers, followed by a City train tour in the Hermitage hill. Enjoy a exeptionnal lanscape and a wine tasting with a plate of local specialities. The tour "boat - city train - wine tasting" last 3h, with a departure in Tournon sur Rhone at 6h30 PM, on wednedays and fridays in July and August.  Dont forget to book ! 


petit train des vignes