Combi ride on the hermitage hill


Fabien Louis’wine universe is made for you !

Wine cellar dedicated to the Rhône valley wine, organic wine and also wine bar, Des terrasses du Rhône au sommelier welcomes you in Tain l’Hermitage city centre. More than 800 kind of wine and, in addition, beers, French cheese, charcuteries and many more local products are waiting for you !

Fabien louis, sommelier and owner of the place, has developed a various panel of activities like electric bike ride. Either by yourself with a road book or with Fabien, you will enjoy a nice wine tasting in both cases.

Des terrasses du Rhône au Sommelier

Des terrasses du Rhône au sommelier
Combi vintage dans les vignes

Une nouvelle activité dans les vignes : la balade en Combi vintage.

His newest activity : Vintage Combi ride !

This is the novelty of 2023 : vintage Combi ride (Volkswagen former model), made during the 70’s, to ride the hermitage hill with Fabien. 7 persons can take a seat inside and enjoy the ride, cosily, and discover the area thanks to the amazing sommelier comments.

2 possibilities are given :

  • Vintage Combi Ride, between vineyard and Hermitage hill, with wine tasting of 3 different wines and charcuterie and cheese during 1 hour
  • The prestige ride with the discovery of 3 different vineyards and basket lunch made of shot glass and 5 different wines. Clear your schedule ! It’s a 3 or 4 hours ride !


Vintage combi ride

Come on board with Juliette and enjoy your combi ride on the hermitage hill

You want to discover the vineyard in a new way ? I have the perfect idea for you and your friends !

I bring with me 5 of my colleagues to the Terrasse du Rhone au Sommelier. Fabien is waiting for us in order to drive us into his Combi !

After small talk, we take our seat inside the Combi. It is totally restored but it keeps his vintage charm ! It’s like a time machine ! Fabien starts the engine and the motor is throbbing ! 

After the city, it’s a pleasure to go up, in direction of the hermitage hill and its vineyards. Fabien knows better than anyone the way and we pass by a really small road through the vineyards. As we don’t drive, we can embrace the landscape by the window. To sublime the ride, Fabien gives us useful comments to understand better what we see.

combi vintage conduit par Fabien Louis
Vignes en terrasses


Firt stop : rock and traditional dry wall, build with local stone in order to make the famous “terrasse”, surrender us. It’s the first piece of our tour ! Here, on the ground, you can find pebble, it’s typical in the Croze Hermitage designation.

Second stop : we already perceive the change around us ! Nore more pebble but granite stones instead. Thanks to Fabien, even the geological questions find an answer !


Back to the Combi and we finish the ride on a particular small road to reach the top. And totally worth it ! The view is just amazing : the vineyard in the foreground and mountains in the background. We can also enjoy the view on the Chapelle de l’Hermitage, the Château de Crussol and the Vercors mountains.

And it’s time for the wine tasting ! in front of his Combi, he puts a small table and, more important, it’s what he puts on the table ! 2 bottles of Crozes Hermitage (red and white) and 1 bottle of Saint Joseph. A wine tasting in the middle of the vineyard give a different meaning to ours drinks ! Charcuterie and cheese are a perfect match to increase the tasting. We fell like the first people on earth to do this because we are totally outside of time !

It’s a beautiful moment between friends, in front of a beautiful landscape !

It’s hard to come back but it’s time. To keep additional memories of this day, we buy some bottle like the one we tasted.

Combi vintage dans les vignes
Apéro dans les vignes




To book your ride in the hermitage vineyards, contact les Terrasses du Rhône au sommelier .

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See you soon in Ardèche Hermitage J !