Buggy ride with Sidonie

More accustomed to walk the trails with my basketball pair, I saw a few smiles on the faces of my friends when I mentioned the idea of ​​a buggy ride. Some doubts about my pilot talents, completely unfounded elsewhere (well almost ...)!

Accompanied by my dear colleagues, Isabelle and Jean-François, welcomes us with a big smile for our journey. Equipped with mask, seat belts attached, a few explanations later, the engines rumble and here we are on the sandy paths of the Herbasse region.

Warning ! Following Codever*, we wave to the hikers, mountain bikers and all people crossed on our road, here I am as Miss France or Pope Francis!

Through fields, orchards and undergrowth, some nice climbs, many accelerations, we have good sensations! The must a stop to enjoy the 360 ​​° view between the Monts d'Ardèche and the Vercors. Amazing !

Want to make a breakaway?

More informations: Easy buggy

Codever* Charter explaining the respect of the environment and the safety rules.