Collegiate St Julien


Built in the Flamboyant Gothic style, it was raised to the status of collegiate from 1316 to the revolution. It owes its unusual apearance to the presence of small chapels which were replaced from the 18th century by small shops. A rare testimony of gothic architecture of Ardèche, the Saint Julien Church is one of the most preserved of the region. Listed as a historical monument, it reminds us of the ancient character of Tournon heritage.
It was probably built on a Roman Temple, and certainly at a Roman Church place, it is dedicated to St Julien, a roman centurion beheaded in Brioude ( Auvergne) under the reign of the emperor Dioclétien (245-313).
Built as a Collegiate, between 1316 and 1348, St Julien Church is a rather surprising architectural ensemble: the offset bell tower, the chapels replaced by houses and italian-style ceilings give it an atypical character.
Its blazing gothic style , is disctreely recognisable in the ornamentation on its facade, with its plant motifs arranged in garlands and its gabled portal in particular.
The side chapel of the Penitents is the oldest part of church. It houses a magnificent collection of 15th-16th century wall paintings, notably depicting the Passion of Christ. The variety of colours and the mastery of composition make this a work of the highest quality.




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