Margot discovers the Parrots park in Bren

A bit of exoticism in the heart of the Drôme des collines with the Parrots Park  in Bre n. An extraordinary garden, where Psittacidae, parakeets and parrots are kings! Margot invites with her family to admire these beautiful coloured birds in the green heart of a haven.


A respectful Zoo

A zoo not quite like the others, entirely designed for the well-being of its residents: parrots and parakeets. Indeed, in the parrots park in Bren, public reception is not the first wish. But it's finally the love that Daniel, the owner, brings to these birds that makes this animal park, such a pleasant place. Everything is done in respect of the animal, the parrots park closed its doors from early September to late April to respect their biological rhythm and reproduction. Here, no caged animals, just look up to be surprised by a rustle in the leaves and see the blue, red, yellow feathers appear. They walk around at will and fly above us, some are sometimes reluctant to follow the organization and it's funny to see, this negotiation between the man and the bird. It is clear that both parties are winners. The birds play with each other’s and bicker for a rendering of organized show where everyone puts his paw, or his pen ... If necessary they will seek the comfort of a hug from Daniel or his son, Jerome, because here the birds  is a story of family passion.

Parrots park in Bren

A Family storie

When passion is transmitted from one generation to another! Daniel is a real passionate bird and especially parrots. Breeder since 1980, He holds certificate of Breeding capacity and presentation to the public issued by the Ministry of the Environment. This certificate is the most recognized and important of the breeding profession, especially for non-domestic animals. In 1980 Daniel created Parrots Park, a ornithological park (bird park) landscaped and flowers and parrot shows. He embarks all his family in his passion, first his wife Annick and their three children Jerome, Florianne and Agnes. Jerome takes part in the show, assisting his father at each performance. Today the whole family plays a role in this beautiful adventure, helping to maintain the park and welcoming visitors.


Entrance price parrots park

My discover of the Parrots Park in Bren

We start by strolling in the middle of a bamboo forest, refreshed by a touch of air and lulled by the song of parrots. My two year old daughter opens her wide eyes. We barely passed the wicket she shoots me by the hand shouting "Mom, Coco! And this is just the beginning ... welcome to Parrots Park of Bren !

We are a little early and have the opportunity to walk among the birds, what a change of scenery. I feel like I'm in a postcard of virgin forest. The show will begin soon, we take place in the assembly and go!

What a pleasure to see Daniel, the owner play with the birds, we feel a real complicity between them. These impress us! Have you ever seen a Macaw roller skate, a skateboard cockatoo, parakeets stack rings by sorting the colors ... What intelligence and what instinct! We particularly appreciate the explanations given by Daniel. They punctuate the show with a touch of pedagogy and help us to appreciate the work done. I did not know that birds are one of the few animals which see in color. We are even entitled to a magic trick performed by an Ara Macao, the famous parrot with red, yellow, green and blue feathers that we usually see perched on the shoulders of a pirate!

The Parrots Park in Bren is two hours of show, which we do not get tired and I'm surprised to see my daughter remain attentive throughout the exchange with the birds. They fly over our heads freely. The highlight of the show is for us to be able to approach the birds because they come to rest on our hands extended, our shoulders and even our head. Always in respect, the birds are accompanied by Daniel or Jerome. These tell us which we can pet, which we can feed. My daughter's eyes light up when she touches a "Coco" in real life. She tries to talk to him by repeating "Coco, coco, coco ..", the cockatoo does not seem very receptive, I must admit that the latter is more interested in the sunflower seeds that I hold in my hand. A beautiful interaction with an animal that we had never seen so close and that gives us the feeling of being perfectly integrated in the environment where it evolves. The show ends with a nice moment of exchange with the trainers. The parrots fly around and linger on the hands that are stretched out to them. Beautiful pictures in full view, we take the road to the sound of our daughter who repeats in a loop "Coco, coco ...". What a surprising afternoon in the Parrots Park! Head to Champos Lake for a refreshing swim. Our daughter runs in the middle of the jets of water while laughing and splashes copiously her parents! Which is not displeasing to us. She jumps for joy at seeing her father fall back to childhood on the toboggan. The family ends this beautiful afternoon in Ardèche Hermitage around a local snack. The fruits were bought at the market of Saint Donat on the Herbasse and the famous “pogne Donatienne” a local ‘”brioche with a taste of orange blossom from Ronjat. The return is done in calm. A beautiful day of break, sharing and happiness that still lights a sparkle in the eyes of the whole family when we tell it.



Bren Parrot Park Show