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GRP de la Drôme des Collines


174 km
4450 m
Durée journalière :
2d 4h 9min
Durée de l’itinérance :
10 jours


Die Drôme des Collines ist ein buckliges Land, das sich von der Rhône bis zu den Ausläufern des Vercors und vom Valloire bis zur Ebene von Valence erstreckt. Das sanfte Relief lässt sich am besten mit der ganzen Familie erkunden. It can be done in its entirety, as an itinerary, in stages, or on a specific part of the route: 10 stages are suggested for the pedestrian route. Stages are proposed from village to village (please note that some accommodations require an additional distance to be added to the distance indicated on the promotional document).
The GR® Charles IX crosses it from north to south from Hauterives (from Lyon) to Peyrins (towards Romans and Valence); a west-east variant signposted as a PR® crosses it from St Barthélémy de Vals to Montrigaud; it joins the GR® Charles IX at Ratières.
To the north-west, the theme is "Of stone and water";
To the northeast, the theme is "On the wood trail";
To the southeast, you'll encounter a "Land of sand and history";
To the south-west, the loop takes you "Between vineyards and belvederes".

Other local loops signposted as PR® (yellow markings) are available from most of the villages you pass through, to focus on a particular point of interest. Refer to the FFRandonnée TopoGuide n° P261 "la Drôme des Collines à pied", on sale at tourist offices or at www.ffrandonnee.fr

Ascent +/-: 4450 m
Length of itinerary: 10 for the complete tour. Variations allow itinerant stays of 2 to 4 days.


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