"La Boite à Gromolls" ladet Sie ein, Serge und Timothée Puis Schöpfungen : Lederwaren und das kleine Volk der "Gromolls" (Geschmacksmuster). Kunsthandwerksgalerie mit 15 Ausstellern. Created in 1974 by Serge and Annick PUIS-DECEMOND, and now join by their son Timothée, LBAG-La Boîte à Gromolls bring to you our high quality leather creation made on site in our workshop. We make bags, luggage, masks, leather engraving and our specialty, The Gromolls. They are small leather characters that bring joy, luck and overall positivity to whom got them. It's the only typical object from Tournon that you will not eat nor drink.
Our shop also homed several artisans' creations from our region, such as pottery, jewelry, knifes, woods etc.
It's possible to visit our workshop upstairs from our shop on appointments.
Feel free to visit our shop from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m to 12.30a.m and from 3p.m to 7 p.m .
You can find us on instagram @lbaggromolls and on Facebook: LBAG-La Boîte à Gromolls


On presentation of the booklet " Les bons Plans 2019" : work en progress



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Vom 06/12 bis 29/12, täglich von 10 Uhr bis 19 Uhr.
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