Hôtel du Marquis de la Tourette


Magnificent 18th-century mansion with a harmoniously balanced façade, a beautiful enclosed courtyard, mullion windows and a spiral staircase dating from an earlier period (15th century). The Hotel de la Tourette was built and extended many times, mainly during the XVIII century. At this time, one of the richest man of Ardèche and the owner of this place, the Marquis de la Tourette, president of the Directoire du Departement, enjoys the destruction of the chapels of St Julien church to extend its hotel on the side of the St Julien place.
Its facade is typical of the XVIII century, marked by the main part emphasised by a pediment. Access is via a beautiful porch topped with a badge.
Inside, the courtyard shows the ancien aspect of the building.
On the left, there is a momumental stair which leds to where is the municipal library, features a trompe-l'œil décor.




Langues des visites

  • Duits
  • Engels
  • Frans

Durée moyenne d'une visite groupée : 90min

Durée moyenne d'une visite individuelle : 90min

Visite groupée

Vrij bezoek groepen, Rondleiding groepen op aanvraag

Visite individuelle

Altijd individueel vrij bezoek, Individuele rondleidingen op aanvraag


Gesproken talen

  • Engels
  • Spaans
  • Frans


  •   Parkeerplaats
  •   Parking autobussen
  •   Parkeerterrein in de buurt
  •   Toegang bus
  •   Gratis bezoek
  •   Rondleiding

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