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Domaine et Château de Charmes


In a calm and picturesque environment, in the heart of th Drôme des Collines, the castle built on its motte since the eleventh century, opens his doors. As a private and inhabited home, The castle kept its soul after being deserted for many years, inviting every visitor as a welcome host.

The Domaine and the Château de Charmes has a typical position of feudal constructions, overlooking the Herbasse Valley, to monitor and defend the territory. It was built in the 12th century on the site of a wooden tower and an enclosure built in the 10th century.
The building is a quadrilateral with two towers and two bartizans, the donjon was joined to the north facade. Its general appearance was a bit modified. The most important modifications are on the opening and on the roofs.

During the Renaissance, works were to transform the fortification in a pleasure castle " Château de Plaisance". Large mullion windows were created as well as doors on the ground floor. Interior fittings were undertaken.

During the 15th century, the inside of the castle was rearranged, especially the Louis XIV chimneys are installed on the noble floor and inside small appartements. In the large living room on the first floor, there is a magnificent chimney carved in the Mannerist Style.

During the 17th century, ponds were dug. The ponds and the romantic cave are supplied by a system for collecting and conveying water from a source.

During the 19th century, the neogothic style find its look in the north high wall. With walls that are almost two metres thick at the base and six metres deep in the ground, it can still defy the centuries.


Guided visits of the castle between July and september.

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Vrij bezoek groepen, Vrij bezoek groepen op aanvraag, Rondleiding groepen op aanvraag



Taille des groupes : maximum 25 personnes

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Van 13/04 tot en met 28/04/2024, iedere dag.

Van 15/07 tot en met 15/08/2024, iedere dag van 14.30 tot en met 18.00 u.

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Vol tarief: € 13,50
Korting: € 10
Kind : € 8
Groep volwassenen: € 10
Groep kinderen : € 10.

Gratis voor kinderen onder de 6 jaar.
Kindertarief voor 0 - 14 jaar.

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