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Conserverie-Charcuterie artisanales ardéchoises LAFUMAT


A family-un traditional business, located in the heart of an Ardèche village ( Plats 07300), we make preserved terrines, stewed dishes... As well as dry charcuterie, all prepared with high quality local raw materials. With a great experience in pork butchery, handed down from generation to generation, we put all our savoir-faire at your service to delight your taste buds!
we do not use any colouring agents or preservatices in our production, so the authentic taste of each ingredient is preserved.
Our recipes are based on local wines ( such as Crozes-Hermitage, Saint Joseph, Viognier...) and other local specialties( such as chestnuts, Bleu du Vercors Cheese...)
We also make our own dry charcuterie ( (salami, sausage, chorizo, dried pork tenderloin, coppa, dried duck breast, etc.) without colouring agents or preservatives.
We are proud of our savoir-faire and our motto is " Homemade with Passion !"

For our preserves, we control the entire production process:
- Developping our own recipes, based on family reciês handed down to us.
- Putting into jars in different formats.
- sterilisation in accordance with the training we have received and the standarts in force.
- Labelling of the jars after sterilisation: we produce traceability label and a name label/

For professionals (butchers, winegrowers, etc.), we can carry out custom work.Contact us for more information...

We also take great care in the preparation of our dry-cured charcuterie and in the choice of our various meats. We have mastered the art of dry-curing, which requires a great deal of savoir-faire and special attention. And time does its work!


Languages spoken

  • French

Payment methods

  •  Bank/credit card
  •  Cash
  •  Credit transfer


From 01/01 to 31/12, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


  •   Sale on the markets
  •   Sale on collective point of sale
  •   Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance

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