Gourmet stay in Ardèche Hermitage

Enjoy a gourmet stay in Ardèche Hermitage. Let yourself be surprised by this gastronomy paradise. Through the seasons, discover the treasures of our region and the excellence of the know-how of our producers and our chefs ...

A gourmet stay through the seasons

In Ardèche Hermitage, enjoy tasty discoveries in any season! The cold winter gives us the famous black diamond gastronomy: the truffle of the Drôme des Collines. The sweetness of spring makes the orchards bloom. Summer sun throat cherries, peaches and apricots ... Autumn offers us the harvest season. Your taste buds and your eyes are amazes throughout the year .

The black truffle of the Drôme des Collines                      

Her secret is well kept and yet it is often talked about: the famous black truffle of the Drôme des Collines, its Latin name Tuber Melanosporum. True jewel of gastronomy, it sublimates simple dishes of its singular flavours. To unravel the mystery of this precious mushroom, see a «cavage » in the company of a passionate truffle-grower, from the end of November to the end of February. An amazing stroll in the middle of the truffle oaks, where we discover the special link between a dog and his master. The visit ends with a very nice truffle grower's meal.

 Black truffle from Drôme des Collines
Rhone valley orchards blooming

Spring walk into the orchards

During spring time, orchards offer us a beautiful show ! Almond trees go first and tell us that spring is coming ! Then, cherry trees, apricots trees and peach trees are covered with flowers. Coloured like a painting,  nature is waking up and it’s a delight for our eyes.

Summer fruit in the Rhône Valley

Summer is there and it’s time for cherry or other fruits from orchards. What a delight to buy directly from the producer and be able to enjoy the delicate smell from a peach or taste a Bergeron apricot. Enjoy the fruits from the Rhône valley thanks to the jam of La Ferme des Genêts and juice from Nectardéchois, two places to visit. By buying tasty souvenirs, you will enjoy longer your stay in Ardèche Hermitage.

Grape harvest in the heart of the Rhône Valley

During autumn, life is different in Ardèche Hermitage : it’s time for the grape harvest ! It starts with white grape, more fragile than the famous Syrah, the most popular grape variety in the Rhône Valley. After, the red grape with a nice choreography by the tractor moving from the field to the wine cellar. Soon, our precious grape will be a wine named after our designation : Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage and St Joseph . You can participate to the grape harvest thanks to some workshops by  Maison Chapoutier, Michelas St Jemms or  Terres de Syrah . Share some friendly moments and exchange about wine in the Rhône valley with our passionate experts.

 Harvest workshop in the Rhône Valley
Cité du chocolat Valrhona

100% Discovery during the workshop of la Cité du Chocolat

The Cité du Chocolat Valrhona  is like a temple for every chocolat addict and the must of your gourmet stay. It’s a wonderful experience from the field to the factory. This place seduce gourmet children and adults ! 

All along the year, the animation team offer you discoveries and tasting, always new and gourmand ! Workshop of 30 minutes for swimming into an ocean of knowledge. This team will be surprise you ! Every weekend and during holidays, according to the program, on reservation at the price of 1€ (+the entrance).

From the vineyard to the wine cellar : a discovery of La Cave de Tain.

Tasty fruity wine or with honey flavour … we can also be gourmet thanks to our drinks ! The Cave de Tain invites you to discover what is hidden inside their wine bottle. This visit is full of surprise : from the hills of l’Hermitage to the wine cellar and the “vinothèque” (where the wines are stocked). You will be able to answer to these questions : what is a designation, a terroir ? What is a wine from a specific plot? During one hour and half, you will be guided and you will discover the know-how of winemaker co-operator and all the profession inside a wine cellar. Founded in 1933, the Cave de Tain is a reference  inside the Rhône Valley, working with 5 designations : Saint-Joseph, Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage, Cornas et Saint Péray.

Since 2007, the Cave de Tain is committed to  the process of « Vignerons et développement durable ». Rewarded  in 2011 by "le Trophée de l'Agriculture Durable”, the estate offer you biological wines with or without sulphite for the 5 designations. You can taste at the end of the tour, with moderation. Enjoy our flavourful designations during your gourmet stay in Ardèche Hermitage.


Visitez le chai de la Cave de Tain
Bastien Girard champion du monde Pâtisserie

Meet the world champion of pastry !

A new and waited place in Ardèche Hermitage : the Pâtisserie Intense by Bastien Girard. He is a world champion of pastry, elected at the “Salon International de la Restauration, de l’Hôtellerie et de l’Alimentation” in 2017. Born  in Tournon sur Rhône, he decides to establish his shop inside the heart of the main street, a pedestrian area. As we know his talent, it’s really difficult to wait the opening !

It’s scheduled january, the 10th, 2020. Enjoy his fabulous pastry and it's the place to eat something sweet during your gourmet stay in  Ardèche Hermitage !

Your night as delicious as your day !

Be tempted by the hospitality of a B&B during you gourmet stay in Ardèche Hermitage. Offer you a real break ! Warmful welcome, nice bedroom and gourmet table : 14 B&B in order to pass wonderful holidays inside this gourmet Eldorado, a paradise for foodies !  Our hosts, proud of their terroir, want to offer you the discovery of our specialities. Amazing meeting and moment to share with our hosts. They will be so happy to reveal our territory thanks to the gastronomy and many sites. Enjoy their tips, advises and secrets about our area: they are the first ambassadors of Ardèche Hermitage

Chambre d'Hôtes en Ardèche Hermitage

In order to cook your own gourmet stay, check our agenda ! Wine cellar visit, meet our producer, gourmet workshop … more than enough to satisfy every foodies ! Enjoy your holidays and the art de vivre of our  beautiful territory.