A gourmet day in Ardèche Hermitage

A gourmet day in Ardèche Hermitage, a flavourful idea: discover the gourmet Eldorado. Apricots, cherries, truffles, goat chesse, “caillettes”*, “criques”** … Between terroir and traditions, our pretty region is full of flavours. Let us introduce you to the heart of our markets with heady scents, enjoy a delicious lunch with fresh products sublimated by our chefs, melt for the Cité du Chocolat, have a bite of Pogne Donatienne***. A delicious moment to savour without moderation.

  • *A paté made from minced pork, spinach and chard leaves, larded and baked.
  • ** A pancake of potato and herbs
  • *** An orange blossom flavoured brioche.

The pleasure of strolling at the markets of Ardèche Hermitage

Wander around, with the wind in your face, a gourmet stroll around the market stalls, enjoy savouring good products and chatting with merchants. A friendly and warm atmosphere where the locals greet each other and share the latest news. The pleasure of taking the time, a not-to-be-missed experience for foodies, a must in your gourmet day where early birds come across the chefs, often in hurry to prepare their menu “retour de marché” (back from the market). A little bit later, it gets crowded! How nice it is to buy good fresh local products : seasonal fruit and vegetables, goat cheese : “picodons”* et “caillé-doux”**, “godiveaux” and other local products … A few tastings generously offered will make you hungry. It feels like holidays. To make it last a little longer, enjoy a coffee or a drink on the patio of a bistrot close by. Market days in Ardèche Hermitage are Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday.

* goats-milk cheese pâte of the cheese is spicy and unusually dry, whilst retaining a smooth, fine texture.

** a fully moulded rind soft raw goat milk cheese exclusively produced in farms.

Tournon sur Rhône market

Market days

On Market Day in Tournon and Tain l’Hermitage, Saturday morning, both towns live at the rhythm of the farmers market and market fair. On Monday, go to Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse, the pogne and Drome des Collines black truffle cradle. After your gourmet stroll, take the opportunity to discover the Palais Delphinal. On Friday, the market takes place in Saint-Félicien, in Ardèche verte, discover its market and its several exhibitors in summer time. A friendly and animated moment to share, without moderation. The opportunity to extend your gourmet morning with a little hike or bike ride. You can’t come on a Friday ? That’s fine, you get a second chance on Sunday !

Go on the Market Train !

Lamastre, located 30 kilometers away from Tournon, has one of the prettiest market of the region in summer. The Train de l’Ardèche offers a gourmet trip top this famous market. On Tuesday mornings, go to the Tournon sur Rhône/Saint Jean de Muzols heading to Lamastre (leaving at 8:30 am – returning at 1:40 pm). A nice ride by the Gorges du Doux, along the river, towed by a diesel locomotive. Once in Lamastre at around 10:00 am, it is time to shop a little, go through the several market stalls. Return will be at 12:15 pm. Our little advice : take a snack with you for the way back, and you will come back to the Saint Jean de Muzols train station at 1:40 pm.


Maitre Restaurateurs’ gourmet tables  

Eat well and good : that is the Maître Restaurateur’s promise. It is a national certification, recognized and controlled by the government. A true guarantee to eat quality products, as fresh and flavourful as it gets! 10 restaurants in Ardèche Hermitage proudly bear the title of Maitre Restaurateur. A sincere commitment to offer a quality cuisine, passionate chefs honour our terroir products. Ardèche Hermitage’s terroir is rich in flavor, an inexhaustible source of creativity for our chefs. Traditional cuisine, inventive, gastronomic, local, you will find the restaurant that matches your tastes. Treat yourself to a moment of gustatory pleasure over lunchtime. A convivial atmosphere, delicious eye-catching dishes… Bon appétit!

The label Maître Restaurateur* is the only label delivered by the Government for French restaurants. It implies the chef has a verified professional experience and the cuisine is done within the company from the best products coming directly from producers.

The label Maître Restaurateur* is the only label delivered by the Government for French restaurants. It implies the chef has a verified professional experience and the cuisine is done within the company from the best products coming directly from producers.

Our gourmet Tables
Cité du chocolat Valrhona
© P. Barret

The Cité du chocolat, an immersive experience in the Valrhona universe.

Located in Tain l’Hermitage, along the legendary national road 7, the Cité du Chocolat Valrhona, 2000 square feet of sweetness, 2 floors completely dedicated to chocolate, the must of your foodie day in Ardèche Hermitage. From the plantations to the factory, from the pod to the famous chocolate square, a tasty trip will seduce young and old. A surprising discovery that will liven up your ideas about chocolate. Space of the senses, recipe corner, the cocoa plantations, chocolate factory, chef universe…. A multi-sensory experience that will liven up your taste buds but not only ! The sense of smell, of touch, even the sense of hearing! Did you know we could recognize the quality of a piece of chocolate at the noise it makes when it breaks? An immersive experience awaits for you to unlock the secrets about the fabrication of one of the best chocolate of the world. Learn to discover the flavors, you will find out that the concepts of terroir and tannins are not exclusively used in the world of wine. Between 15 and 20 tastings will satisfy any chocoholic. Let yourself be guided by the sweet smell until the Valrhona boutique. You can also treat yourself at the restaurant space called le Comptoir Porcelana, its chocolate touch will seduce you! A culinary experience unique and surprising with a chocolatey meal from starters to dessert. Chocolate lover? If you would like to live the whole experience, book yourself a chocolate day, discovery of the Cité, lunch time at the Comptoir Porcelana and patisserie workshop, a fun and gourmet experience with the Maison Valrhona patissiers.



Maison Ronjat, the discovery of the Pogne

 An orange blossom flavoured brioche, a local specialty dating back to the Middle Ages, to taste during your gourmet day in Ardèche Hermitage. The Maison Ronjat, in Saint-Donat-sur-l’Herbasse, a foodie hot spot, offers one of the best pogne of the region. A true baker dynasty, 8 generations have been at the head of this Maison whose recipes remain jealously kept. Established since the 18th century, it is the oldest bakery of the whole region. Their pogne is labeled “Donatienne” (from Saint-Donat) since 1910. Less popular than the famous Pogne of Romans, this one has a unique recipe that any foodie must try at least once in their life. A leavened dough in a crown shape, made from flour, eggs and butter, with an orange blossom flavor. Ideal for an afternoon snack, a Southern flavored delight for your taste buds.

Ronjat's traditionnal Pognes


Attend a truffle harvest in winter or stroll around the orchards in spring, enjoy the summer markets and discover the grape harvest in fall, our suggestions for a perfect gourmet day vary with the season. The richness of our territory will keep surprising you. See you soon in this Gourmet Eldorado!