The 5 most beautiful viewpoints in Ardèche Hermitage

Sometimes you just have to make a few steps and open your eyes to take a breath of fresh air and escape. Breathtaking views and wonderful panoramas are waiting for you along the Ardeche Hermitage roads. The choice was not easy but we wanted to share with you our top 5: our favorites viewpoints in Ardeche Hermitage. Ready to be amazed?

1 - The Pierre Aiguille Belvedere

It is one of the staple viewpoint of Ardeche Hermitage. It is accessible from the center of Tain l’Hermitage by following the direction “Route des Belvédères”. The Pierre Aiguille Belvedere is the wildest panoramic viewpoint of the list. It offers a 360° panorama on the Alps and the Ardeche mountains. On clear days, the lucky ones will even see the Mont Blanc. The Belvedere Pierre Aiguille overhang the Rhône, and the proximity with the river makes it a good spot to observe fauna and especially birds. A wild variety of spectacular species can be observed each year.

The Belvedere Pierre Aiguille peaks at 336 meters on the mystical Hermitage hill, above Tain l’Hermitage and Tournon sur Rhône. A unique place, symbol of the richness of our territory with its vineyards producing the very famous Hermitage, one of three designations of Ardeche Hermitage. A few steps from there, on the top of the Hermitage hill, the panorama is breathtaking. Make a stop at the Hermitage chapel and take some time to enjoy the spectacular view.

Pierre Aiguille

2 - The Chapel Belvedere

We just started our top 5 and we already want to escape in nature! Let’s cross the Rhône to go to Tournon sur Rhône, where the Chapel Belvedere offers an exceptional view on the famous Hermitage hill, on the Rhone and on its meanders in the south. A viewpoint indicator helps you to understand the geography surrounding you. To get there in car, take the panoramic road (“route de Pierre”) going to Plats. Photography lovers, this is the ideal playground to make beautiful shots! You can also access to the Chapel Belvedere by the “Sentier des Tours”, a hiking path starting in the city center of Tournon. The Chapel Belvedere is ideal to share a picnic with your family.

The Chapel Belvedere

Belvédère de la Chapelle

3 - The Puy de Serves Belvedere

We continue our discovery of the most beautiful viewpoints in Ardèche Hermitage by going a few kilometers in the north of Tain l’Hermitage, in Serves sur Rhône. Staying by the side of the river, enjoy the view on the Rhône from the Puy de Serves Belvedere, located next to the delphinal castle “Castrum Cervia”. And two steps away, you will be surprised by the viewpoints of Méjean Belvedere in Crozes Hermitage and the Planards one in Erôme.

Puy de Serves


4 - The Saint Victor viewpoint indicator

From the center of Saint Victor village, go for a hike following the GR 42 route: this famous path will guide you to the viewpoint indicator. You will be surprised by the beauty of the landscapes in front of you: the ardeche plateau, and a bit further away you will recognize the Rhône valley with the Vercors mountains in the back, the Trois Becs, the Chartreuse and even the Mont Blanc if the weather allows it.

Saint Victor view

5 - The Mont Froid in Bathernay

From the valley, to the Ardeche plateau and the Drôme hills, there is a wide variety of landscapes in Ardeche Hermitage. In Drôme des Collines, it is in the heights of Bathernay that the view is worth the stop. On foot from the center of the village, take the alley ending in stairs leading to the church, a wonderful 11th century building listed as Historical Monument. Continue your walk by following the GR42 signs to climb on the Mont Froid crest. From there you will dominate all the Drôme des Colline, and you will have a view on the Tour de Ratières. Keep your eyes wide-open and enjoy this nature wonder. On one side the Ardeche mountains, on the other the Vercors ones. Amateurs will recognize the Moucherotte, the Grand Veymont passing by the Grande Moucherolle. On the heights, the Drôme hills bring out the beauty of the Baternay church. This viewpoint is also accessible by car.

Top 5 of the most beautiful viewpoints in Ardèche Hermitage : there is more !

Our territory has so much wonders to offer! Because we are passionate and because we love to share some good advices, here are some other viewpoints that you will for sure enjoy: the Col du Buisson viewpoint in Pailharès with its wonderful view on the Doux valley and its wild nature, close to the Sardier uplands, one of the highest points of Ardeche Hermitage. Also the descents of the Secheras and Lubas roads in Saint Jean de Muzols, or the wonderful view on the Vercors when you are close to the Monchenu castle (private castle).

By car or on foot, are you ready to discover the most beautiful viewpoints in Ardèche Hermitage ? Take your camera and share your most beautiful pictures with the hastag #ardechehermitage #pointdevue on social Medias!

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