Tain l’Hermitage: Top 6 visit ideas !

For many people Tain l'Hermitage is just a place of passage while being on the road, but it is also and above all a place to live or to go on holiday. Tain l’Hermitage is historically known for its very famous Valrhona chocolate, its vineyards with renowned appellations and the famous National Road 7, the road of holidays leading directly to the south of the country and to the Mediterranean coast.

Take the time to come and stroll through this centuries-old town located at the heart of the Rhône valley. Thanks to its History and its specificities, the town of Tain offers many possibilities for outings and discoveries. Here are the top 6 activities in and around the town !

1 - The town centre of Tain l'Hermitage: A journey through History

Come along with us and (re)discover Tain l'Hermitage through our top 6 visit ideas!

There has been life for centuries in this small area. Stuck between the Rhône on one side and the Hermitage hill on the other, human beings quickly settled down in the Rhône corridor. The town has been developing since antiquity. The Romans founded the town in the second century AD, following a military victory. Although very little of the ancient elements remain nowadays, you can get a glance of the life during this period by visiting the Taurobole Square. This square, which is now a shopping area, contains an element that will take you back almost 2000 years ago ! It is a taurobolic altar: in other words, a sacrificial altar dedicated to the divinity Cybele. Given its name, you can easily guess what animal was sacrificed there. A bull! The altar that you will find on the square is in reality a reproduction of the original one, which is kept in the Maison des Quais where the tourist office is located.

Ville de Tain l'Hemritage
© Eric Labrot

Now, continue your journey through time by passing by the Notre Dame church. Even if it was rebuilt in the 19th century, this church is the oldest building of the town but also a historic place in French history. In 1350, the wedding of the Dauphin of France took place there. The present-day church’s tenor bell was already ringing on that day! This union also marked the unification of the province of Dauphiné with the Kingdom of France ! A magnificent statue has been erected in front of the church to commemorate this important event. After that, extend your outing by going to the Porte de la Bâtie that is the only fortified gate still visible today, as well as in front of the Courbis mansion to admire an authentic Renaissance building.

Take the time to stroll through the narrow streets and cross the Marc Seguin suspension bridge. This is an essential work of art that has finally allowed people to cross the Rhône without having to get wet! Until the 19th century, you had to take a flat-bottomed ferry to get to the other side! Hailed for its technical innovation at the time, it will also give you a splendid view of both banks of the Rhône.

2 - The Valrhona chocolate Cité in the top 6 ideas for visiting Tain l’Hermitage !

Your nose will definitely help you to find our next destination in Tain l’Hermitage ! All gourmets and chocolate lovers know this address: the Valrhona chocolate Cité !

The Valrhona chocolate factory has been established in Tain l'Hermitage for 90 years. However, as for the Valrhona Cité, it was born a few years ago through a real desire to shine a light on the historical site of the chocolate factory. Believe us when we say that all your senses will be awakened during your visit ! From the plantation to the recipes, no secret will resist you. Each room is enhanced by a tasting of the famous Valrhona “squares”. A real deligh t! You want more? Do not worry, the Cité's shop is right next door so you can take a piece of your visit home with you!

Also, keep in mind the presence of the Comptoir Porcelena on the same site! This is the Valrhona restaurant where you can eat chocolate from starter to dessert, a great outing for our top 6 ideas for visits to Tain l'Hermitage.

In addition, throughout the year, the Cité du Chocolat offers many events: Christmas and Easter workshops, summer visits, pastry workshops, etc.

Get ready to enjoy it !

 Discover Valrhona Cité


3 - The Hermitage hill: Splendid terraced vineyards

After the historic centre, a unique panorama is waiting for you in Tain l’Hermitage! Put on your walking shoes and set off to discover this geological curiosity where the very famous Hermitage wine is grown! You guessed it... our lovely Colline de l'Hermitage is one of our top 6 ideas for visits to Tain l'Hermitage.

This hill definitely is the DNA of Tain L'Hermitage. This granite hill is where you will find the hillsides and terraced vineyards (also called “chaleys”) which are the pride of the locals. This ingenious system increases the cultivated surface area but also prevents the soil from being damaged while returning heat and humidity to the land. Thirty-five winegrowers work on this 140-hectare land to produce the renowned Hermitage wine. This exceptional elixir is one of the three Appellations of Ardèche Hermitage. Come, discover the area, and contemplate the beauty of the exceptional landscape offered by the Hermitage hill. Once at the top of the hill, stop off at the Chapelle de l'Hermitage, which was once inhabited by the Chevalier Sterimberg.

© Raphael K

There are several possibilities to explore the hill.  The first one is a simple walk up to the chapel from the Taurobole Square in Tain. It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the top and enjoy the view! You can also drive to the Pierre Aiguille lookout and walk to the chapel in about 10 minutes. From there, you can continue on the “À tous les vents” interpretation trail, a fun family walk where you are invited to discover all the sumptuousness of this natural site !

To follow on with the theme of wine and vineyards, the Cave de Tain offers a discovery tour called “Sur les Pas de Gambert”. Starting from the town, you can follow point by point the specificities of this terroir which will no longer have any mystery for you! Here is a great idea for a day out in our top 6 ideas for visits to Tain l'Hermitage!

Ready ? Enjoy !

                                                               "Balade à tous les vents"  

                                                           "Sur les Pas de Gambert"


4 - The little train of the vineyards: Go with the flow !

To discover the town and the Hermitage hill, an original solution is available ! Come aboard the little train of the vineyards. Franck, your driver, will take you for a unique tour at the heart of the vineyards.

The classic excursion takes you on a journey to discover the heritage and landscape of Tain. On board of the train, you will enjoy the comments of your outstanding driver!

During the season, Franck joins forces with Fabien Louis, who is a sommelier of the Terrasses du Rhône, to offer you an excursion combining train and wine tasting! You can also opt for a boat trip with the Canotiers Company! Go from the boat to the train and finish with a tasting plate and a good glass of wine to accompany it !

As you can see, the little train of the vineyards is a must-see activity in the town and in our top 6 ideas for visits in Tain l'Hermitage! Operating from June to September, bookings only for groups.


 Le Petit Train des Vignes de l'Hermitage

Petit Train des Vignes de l'Hermitage

5 -  Winegrowers and cellars: A tasting break is a must !

After this nice overview of the town and the Hermitage hill, you can imagine that all the surrounding vineyards are at the origin of a huge production of wine ! Tain l'Hermitage is home to a large number of winegrowers, cellars, wine bars and wine tourism activities*. Come and see them for a tour of the domain or a wine tasting !

In order for you to discover the producers, we have concocted a list of establishments in Tain l'Hermitage in our top 6 ideas !


In order for you to discover the producers, we have concocted a list of establishments in Tain l'Hermitage in our top 6 ideas!

Along the Rhône, discover of theCave Ferraton ! This family business started in 1946. Nowadays, this cellar promotes biodynamic farming.  This friendly establishment welcomes you for a tasting and/or for tapas with a splendid view over the river and the neighbouring town of Tournon.

At the foot of the Hermitage hill, you will encounter the Cave de Tain. Since 1933, this cooperative cellar has been working on its development. The challenge has been met with great success, for example with the creation of the “Vignerons en développement durable” label in 2008. You can enjoy a visit of the cellar or a simple tasting but also go further with a selection of wine tourism activities offered by Terre de Syrah by la Cave de Tain! Buggy, gyropode or electric bike are available for a unique experience across the vineyards.

In a small street in the city centre you will find the Maison Delas Frères. Ideal for company seminars or wine-tourism trips, the establishment also offers themed tastings. The roots of this house go back to 1835 but, throughout the 20th century, the dynamic teams that have succeeded one another have built the success of the house. This is a perfect stop to make during your visit!

Another renowned establishment is the Maison M. CHAPOUTIER. Its history goes back to 1808!  For more than 200 years, the Maison M. CHAPOUTIER has been producing its wines with absolute respect for natural balance. M. CHAPOUTIER wishes to share the conviviality and generosity of the wine world through an art of living open to all. More than just a tasting, enjoy many oenotouristic activities such as an excursion with electric bicycles. For a moment of relaxation in the evening, do not forget about the Dureza, the wine bar of M.CHAPOUTIER in Tain l'Hermitage.

Finally, the Taurobole Square - whose altar you now know! - is home to two unmissable addresses: Les Terrasses Du Rhône Au Sommelier and the Vineum Paul Jaboulet Ainé. Enjoy a meal or a glass of wine at the bar or even a tasting! We can assure you that the warm welcome and the friendly atmosphere won’t disappoint you!


*Alcohol is dangerous for your health. Please drink responsibly.


6 - Les chasses aux trésors : Une idée de visite originale de Tain l’Hermitage !

The Ardèche Hermitage Tourist Office has more surprises in store for you ! Our team is proud to introduce you our free treasure hunt collection ! The perfect activity for a fun moment with your family! The treasure hunts are accessible to all from 4 years old. Feeling like joining the pirate guild ? The treasure hunt  Ah! l'abordage is made for you! Do you want to know more about the specialties of our region? Then La Conquête Gourmande is the one you are looking for! What about a discovery of the historic centre of Tain through photographs? Go for La Balade Ludique De Tain !

To get them, it's very simple: you can either download them just here or install the application Baludik on your smartphone. Alternatively, come to one of our tourist offices to pick up the paper booklet.

We hope to see you soon to find out if you have foiled all the pirate traps !


 Treasure hunt collection

With this top 6 ideas for visiting Tain l’Hermitage, you have plenty of choices when it comes to discovering the town and its special features! But just for you we have a little extra ...

If you have done all these activities, you can continue by car and take the belvedere road ! Along the National road number 7 through Tain, many stops are possible. In the middle of the Hermitage vineyards, you will have a beautiful panoramic view over the Ardèche vineyards and the no less famous Saint Joseph appellation! Each stop is unique, enjoy it!

For a day, a weekend or longer, Ardèche Hermitage is the destination for your holidays and leisure activities! You will find all the activities available here! For accommodation, it's right over there!


Upon these words of wisdom, now it's up to you! See you soon inArdèche Hermitage! In any case, we will be there!