News for the opening of Mastrou, le Train de l’Ardèche

The good wheather is approaching, spring is here and the novelties for the opening of Mastrou too! This year again, the Ardèche Train promises many journeys, along the Gorges du Doux, a protected area, classified as a Sensitive Natural Area. For a day or half a day, the Ardèche Train travels along a metric track (railway track with a rail gauge of 1 meter) on the mountainside, where magnificent views and impressive railway structure follow one another. « Le Mastrou » promises you extraordinary escapes! For more than 120 years, the steam train is still surprising.

The novelties of this season for the opening of Mastrou

Discover the novelties in the same time as the opening!  Be tempted, adults and children by a multiple choices of journeys to do with family, friends or couples.

Steam train + Vélorail  (=rail bike) day

Are you tempted by a day without a car? The Vélorail and the train offer you something new this year and not the least! You can combine the two activities in one day. Leave in the morning at 10:15 A.M. with the  Mastrou  at Tournon-Saint-Jean station and arrive in Boucieu-le-Roi  at 11 A.M. Discover the village of Boucieu-le-Roi, labelled village of character*. Before resuming with the Vélorail connection, enjoy a lunch break to gain strength, with the choices between restaurants or picnic. Pay attention to the start at 1:30 P.M. Jump into the car, with family, friends or couple. After a ride on the Châtaigniers route, you are back to Boucieu station ! At 4:15 P.M., the Mastrou picks you up for a late afternoon return to Tournon-Saint-Jean station. You also have the option of leaving Boucieu station with a round trip Mastrou to Lamastre. Then, end your day with a cycle tour on the Etroits route for an arrival at Boucieu station at the end of the day at 6.30 P.M.

Reservation required at least 48 hours before the departure.

*touristique certification label given thanks to different criterions (monument, history, actual population, …)

Train de l'Ardèche à Boucieu le Roi
Train de l'Ardèche ©S.Bridot

The Craft Beer Train

Discover the beers by the local brewers from Ardèche and Drôme counties. On a steam rhythm, in the middle of the Gorges du Doux , taste different beers guided by the advice of professionals. You can test your knowledge at Tournon St Jean station with a quiz !

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health; alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.

The Western Train

Be prepared to a real attack by Indians and cowboys aboard the Ardèche Train. Embark on a timeless trip to western country for a stroll in the Doux Valley. At the end this trip, you will enjoy a great horse show at the Tournon St Jean station. Aerobatics, archery and parades will surprise you !

The Blue-Green-Steam loop

Let go for a weekend to forget your car, to discover the Ardèche otherwise. Take a boat trip from Tournon with the « Compagnie des Canotiers » and arrive in La Voulte. Then, take the  Dolce Via, cycle lane to Lamastre and to finish your weekend by coming-back with the Train de l'Ardèche to Tournon.

Without forgetting the classic style of the Ardèche Train!

Le Mastrou
Le Mastrou ©N.Morel

Le Mastrou

The opening of Mastrou is coming soon!

For over one hundred and twenty years, the Vivarais railway has been affectionately nicknamed by the locals "Lou Mastrou" meaning "the one who goes to Lamastre". Today, it’s the name of the day trip covering the 28 km of the line. The train leaves from Tournon sur Rhône - St Jean de Muzols at 10:15 A.M., short technical stop at Boucieu-le Roi. Remember to look up because Boucieu le Roi is a « village of character », one of the most beautiful villages in Ardèche. A medieval village founded in 1291, by Philippe Le Bel. Then, the Ardèche Train arrives at Lamastre before lunchtime. Three hours allow you to visit the city and take advantage of its many restaurants. The return is in the afternoon. Note : you can take on  board your bike!

Reservation essential for a bike place.

The Train of the Gorges

The « Train des Gorges »  from March 21 to April 4 inclusive are deleted!

Aboard a panoramic car, you will discover the most steep and picturesque part of the Gorges du Doux. The Ardèche train route ends at the charming little station of Colombier-le-Vieux / Saint-Barthélémy-le-Plain. Just the time for a stopover in this little station. On this banks of the Doux River, this is a privileged stage, with a wonderful setting for travellers : take a look at the lush vegetation, a real appeasement ! It’s here that the locomotive returned to a swing bridge before being replaced at the head of the train. Two men are enough to manoeuvre 40 tonnes of steel by the force of their arms. Don’t miss this spectacle! Extra, when you are in the train, the trip is fully commented !

Train des Gorges à l'automne
Train des Gorges à l'automne ©S.Bridot

The Market Train

Since the opening of Mastrou in 1891, on Tuesday morning, a special train (Train for the Lamastre market) serves all stations to transport barges to the Lamastre market. Without the inconvenience of driving and parking, the market train is the ideal way to access one of the most beautiful markets in Ardèche. Traditional charcuterie, sun-drenched fruit, sweet chestnut, the famous Ardèche picodons (goat cheese) and other local products will fill your baskets and shopping bags. Every Tuesday morning in July and August, departure from Tournon sur Rhône - St Jean de Muzols at 8:30 A.M. with the market train. He leaves Lamastre at 12:30 P.M., arrives around 1:50 P.M. at Tournon St Jean station.


Theme trains for the opening of Mastrou

Train des Oeufs

The Easter eggs Train

For the opening of Mastrou, celebrate Easter. Open your eyes wide! On April 12 and 13, the famous chocolate egg hunt returns to the Ardèche Train. Take a seat on the train which will take you to a top secret place where all your senses will be necessary to find the chocolated treasure.


The Ghost Train

A life-size ghost train! Ready for the big thrill? For the All Saints holidays, climb aboard the Ardèche Train for a terrible journey with a Halloween atmosphere that will delight youngs and olds. Beware of the strange creatures hidden in the valley of the Gorges du Doux!

The Christmas Train, Boucieu Le Roi

For the holiday season, climb aboard the Ardèche Train for an excursion to the Gorges du Doux, wraped by the cold of winter, vegetation and winter decor for an arrival to the village of character of  Boucieu Le Roi.Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas at the heart of the village.

Don't miss the Vélorail!

Cross the Vallée du Doux aboard a 4-seater car from the village of Boucieu le Roi! Then, go up to the Valley by Rail. Four routes are available, from 8Km to 20Km cycle track for the more athletic. Discover the Gorges du Doux differently, to the rhythm of your pedal strokes on the Chestnut, Etroits, Viaduct and La Grande Aventure routes. Admire its unique landscapes through orchards, chestnut trees and viaducts spanning the Doux river.


Attention to its success, booking is strongly recommended!

Vélorail sur un parcours
Velorail sur le parcours ©S.Bridot


Prepare your stay around the Ardèche Train in Ardèche Hermitage. You will find a wide range of accommodation and restaurants as well as other activities.