Hiking on the Hermitage Hillside

How about taking advantage of a ray of sunshine to get some fresh air ? Is it too hard to get some motivation by such a cold weather? Come on, we take you for a hiking on the Hermitage Hillside with all arguments to get motivate ! We promise, you’ll love it !

Take your sports shoes, put your hat on, hold your thermos and some good snacking : here we go for a summit snack ! Direction “Sur les Pas de Gambert, en Hermitage” path. This informative track across the hillside will reveal you the vine’s secrets thanks to a map or a mobile site created by the Cave de Tain, whose founder is Mr Gambert. Terroir, wine-grower’s work along the seasons, specificities of our grape varieties and wines… or how to become unbeatable about the famous grand cru of the Northern Côtes du Rhône while hiking on the Hermitage Hillside !

The walk up is not hard… but still makes your calves warm up ! When the heat gets your ears, stop and take a glimpse on the majestic asleep terraced vineyard at your feet. Here and there some vine shoots are still burning, and you can hear some agitation from the streets of Tain-Tournon in the Valley. The Rhône river is back in its bed but still rumbles…

Just a few steps left to reach the Hermitage summit : the Saint Christoph Chapel eyes you up, let be seduced and leave the path to reach it, this is the ideal snacking place ! Breathless, you will be amazed by the view waiting for you : you even find here a bench and low walls to welcome your exceptional snacking time ! Let be rocked by tranquillity, caressed by wind… At your feet, look at the promises of the arrival : the Valrhona Cité du Chocolat, the Cave de Tain, the Taurobole square  and its restaurants and cellars, so many ideal places to reheat when back. Let finish the last crumbs, are you ready for the way down ?

We promise you : this hiking on the Hermitage Hillside is just outstanding !


Les coteaux de l'hermitage randonnée sur les pas de Gambert Ardèche Hermitage Tourisme.jpg