Enjoy a stay next to the Palais Idéal of the Facteur Cheval

Enjoy an amazing stay next to the Palais Idéal of the Facteur Cheval. This place is a masterpiece of outsider art. You must discover it !

Palais Idéal Monument préféré des français

Palais Idéal of the Facteur Cheval, 2nd favourite monument in France in 2020

The French show “Favourite Monument of French people” shines a light on several monument every year ! In 2020, with 14 “candidates”, the Palais Idéal is elected 2nd favourite monument ! This masterpiece is unique and it’s the pride of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region. The Palais Idéal was born thanks to the imagination of the postman Ferdinand Cheval. During his postman’s round, he stumbled on a weird stone and fall down. It’s the beginning of his life time adventure ! He decides to build a wonderful palace. To make his dream comes true, he is inspired by Nature, postcard from his postman’s round and also the castle of his birthplace, Charmes sur l’Herbasse. This huge project is finished after 33 years of hard works. The chef d’oeuvre is admired by great artists like Pablo Picasso, André Breton, Max Ernst … In 1969, the Palais Idéal is added to the Historic Monument classification. Nowadays, it’s a must-see ! You can go for a guided tour or discover by yourself. A museum is open to find every secret of this particular place.

Around the Palais Idéal : the places to be

Next to the village of Hauterives, enjoy adventure, authenticity, gourmandises … Go for a buggy ride to discover the Drôme des Collines, visit the village of Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse and his priory, taste the pogne (=orange blossom flavour brioche) from the bakery Ronjat … A lot of places and activities are meant to you during your stay next to the Palais Idéal.

Château de Charmes sur L'Herbasse

The Castle of Charmes sur l’Herbasse

Travel into time thanks to the castle of Charmes ! All starts during the Xth century and the story is not finished ! Every owners has transformed the castle according to the taste of the moment (Middle Age, Renaissance …). After 2000, the castle is leaved. The deterioration of the castle could not have been avoided. The new owners have started the renovation and they want to give a rebirth to the castle : it’s still a place to live for the Lords but it’s also open to visitors ! When you go there, take the time to find the element that inspired our beloved postman.

Cité du Chocolat Valrhona

The Cité du Chocolat Valrhona

Which are the secret of an exceptional chocolate ? From the seed to the factory, discover every secret of the chocolate ! Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and even blond chocolate named Dulcey : enjoy all of them along the visit of the Cité du Chocolat. 2 floors, 2000m², flash animations during the year : come and share your visit with chocolate experts  ! Welcome to the chocolate lovers paradise during your stay next to the Palais Idéal !

Les Canotiers du Rhône

Boat ride with the Canotiers du Rhône

Come on board into the newly boat of the Canotiers and be blown by the beauty of the Rhône River. Apéro sur l’eau, degustation or diner during the cruse … The captains share with you their love about the Rhône River and its story. You want more ? Mix the pleasure of riding a bike along the ViaRhôna and a cruse with the Canotiers ! The Boat and Bike trip is made for you ! The ViaRhôna is a cycling path from the Léman to the Mediterranean Sea. Keep an eye on the schedule ! Reservation advised.

Find a place to stay for the night next to the Palais Idéal

Find a place to stay for the night next to the Palais Idéal ! According to your mood and your budget, find the perfect spot for your holidays. This is a selection around Saint Donat for your getaway in Drôme de Collines :

Enjoy your night as much as your day ! Our experts are available for any questions.

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