Electric bicycle ride into the Drôme des Collines

Electric bicycle ride into the Drôme des Collines thanks to little secrets roads ! We offer you a ride between hills and greenly valleys with breathe-taking points of view. On the road again !

Balade VAE dans la Vallée du Chalon

On the east part of Ardèche Hermitage, in the small village of Arthémonay, discover a beautiful ride. At the begging of the loop, the Romanesque church welcomes you proudly. From there, in order to having a good start, follow the nice road to the village of Margès. Ride during few kilometres and be hidden by little secrets roads !

On the Combes road, pass the turn and do the first ascent of the day. Thanks to your electric bicycle, it’s an easy game ! Upper, you can get your breath back and prepare yourself to ride down. By going to the little place of Reculais, you can admire the beautiful architecture of our territory : pebbles are really famous here ! Think about the Palais Idéal, created by Ferdinand Cheval few kilometres away.

You are now in the Chalon Valley. The greenly road goes up until the village. From this point, you have to do the second ascent and be closer of the Vercors Mountains. The slope in direction of St Michel sur Savasse gives you an amazing view. It’s now the Savasse Valley.


The small road of Desviages offering a new point of view with the most important farming around the Vercors : the walnut of Grenoble. When you arrive into the village pf Geyssans, you can enjoy the panoramic view in front of the Vercors. Ride again and be prepared for the key moment !

On the top, leave the road and ride on a crest path to arrive at the Chapelle St Ange. Like a sentinel, it has a look on the limestone cliffs on one hand and the Challon Valley on the other. You have to take a break here to fully enjoy this powerful place.

It’s time to go down into the valley. You follow the river and cross thanks to a ford. The end of your ride is at Arthémonay. This electric bicycle ride is a wonderful occasion to discover our little secrets roads !

Balade à vélo à assistance électrique en Ardèche Hermitage

Treasures to discover around this electric bicycle ride into the Drôme des Collines

Our territory is full of treasures ! Be prepared to be blow by our inherence and gastronomy in Ardèche Hermitage. From a ride to a journey, it’s not big deal!

To fall in love with our inherence

Next to Arthémonay, there is the Village of Charmes sur l’Herbasse  and its castle. The construction is fabulous and it’s open to visitors. Come and meet the lords and share a moment with them : they will be more than happy to give you  explanations about their castle. It’s also a good idea to go to Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse to discover the church and its story. You will be seduced !


For the Gourmets

Apricots, pognes (like a brioche), ravioles (stuffed pasta), black truffles from the Drôme des Collines : discover our specialties !

Apricots are here like a rock star ! You can taste it during the season, drink apricots juice or jam thanks to our producers. You must see and taste the pogne of St Donat sur l’Herbasse from the bakery Ronjat. It’s almost made like a brioche with an orange blossom flavour. It will be your perfect reward after your efforts during your electric bicycle ride into the Drôme des Collines. To finish, the sentence “winter is coming” is a good thing into the Drôme des Collines !! It means that is time to enjoy the black truffles, from November to March.

Chateau de Charmes sur l'Herbasse

Take time to explore our territoty during your stay

This electric bicycle ride into the Drôme des Collines is the perfect opportunity to stay few days ! The establishment The Pont du Chalon is on your way and it’s the only place to find a restaurant. It’s also a family house where the hospitality is the essential value. The place has evolved with our time : Catherine, home decorator, has given a true and unique atmosphere to the hotel. It’s the place to be for a relaxing stay.

For a weekend with family or/and friends, go to the Trapèze Volant. This vacation rental is perfect to mix reunion and ride !

A huge choice of accommodations is available in Ardèche Hermitage : hotel, vacation rental, campsite, bed and breakfast … Make your night as beautiful as your day !

Let yourself be surprise by the charm and the diversity of Ardèche Hermitage !