Ardèche Hermitage at the heart of the Gastronomy Valley

The Gastronomy Valley (called “Vallée de la Gastronomie” in French) is a name that will surely make your mouth water. The taste for excellence: a common passion shared across the Rhone Valley regions. At the heart of the Ardèche Hermitage valley - known as a true El Dorado of delicacies - embark for a journey full of flavours to discover our territory.
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What is the Gastronomy Valley about?

The Gastronomy Valley is a destination created and initiated in 2016 by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. In the end, developing this project has always been an evidence. It all started from a will to shine a light on the diversity of local products and wine that can be found across our regions from Bourgogne to Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’Azur. In order to promote this new gourmet destination, many service providers are working together: farmers, restaurant owners, winegrowers, bakers, etc. The purpose of this initiative is to promote the flavours and products of our beautiful regions. It is a unique tourist offer with the aim of becoming a strong and renowned gourmet destination across the country.  In addition to its national scope, the Gastronomy Valley aims at being recognised internationally and that by taking advantage of the UNESCO recognition of the "French Gastronomic Meal". France remains a reference for wines, cheeses, pastries and breads and that without forgetting the numerous traditional regional dishes. For all gourmets and oenophiles, come and enjoy your next holidays at the heart of this tasty valley.

Ardèche Hermitage : an El Dorado for all food lovers

Valrhona chocolate, fruit from the Rhone Valley, black truffles from the Drôme des Collines, Crozes-Hermitage, Saint Joseph, Hermitage... All are products of excellence that make the Ardèche Hermitage region so famous. As the seasons go by, discover our local specialities such as the Caillé-Doux, Criques, Caillettes, Pognes Donatienne... Producers, Chefs and winegrowers, all proud and passionate about their occupations, are keen to give you a taste of our beautiful region through a variety of flavours.  The Valrhona Chocolate Cité, gourmet tours, wine cellar visits, grape harvests... all are activities to be discovered in Ardèche Hermitage.

Because of its geographical location at the heart of the Rhône Valley, of the richness of its soil and of the expertise of its professionals, Ardèche Hermitage and its partners are proudly engaged with the "Gastronomy Valley" project.

Our restaurants labeled “Gastronomy Valley”

A friendly welcome, gourmet cuisine and local products await you in our restaurants, which have been awarded the "Gastronomy Valley" label. Come along and discover innovative, tasty and generous dishes. Flavours that represent the region with brio. Come and meet 7 of our chefs and their restaurants !

On the Drôme side: L'Auberge Monnet in La Roche de Glun, the Marius Bistro in Tain l'Hermitage and the Chartron restaurant in Saint Donat sur l'Herbasse.

On the Ardèche side: La Récré in Vaudevant, the Restaurant aux sablettes and le Tournesol in Tournon-sur-Rhône, and Du Jardin à l'assiette in Mauves.

All of our restaurants

Du Jardin à l'assiette
© Du Jardin à l'assiette

Our vineyards labelled “Gastronomy Valley”

Why not let yourself be tempted by a wine tasting ? Stroll along our wine paths and share gourmet moments thanks to our world-renowned winegrowers.

Make unforgettable encounters with our winegrowers on the Drôme side with Maison Delas Frères, La Cave de Tain, Ferraton Père & fils or M.Chapoutier, all located in Tain l'Hermitage, with Michelas St Jemms in Mercurol, la Cave Pradelle in Chanos-Curson or with the Domaine Clairmont in Beaumont-Monteux.

On the Ardèche side, come and discover the Domaine de Gouye in Saint Jean de Muzols


Our Vignerons

The Valrhona Chocolate Cité in Tain l’Hermitage

Have you heard about Valrhona ? This chocolate brand is a reference for many French bakers and Michelin-starred chefs. This chocolate is considered as one of the best ones in the world. Come and discover the Chocolate Cité in Tain l'Hermitage, a paradise on earth for chocolate lovers! It definitely is an emblem of the region that you must visit! Dark, milk, white or even blond chocolate, crunchy or fondant, the choice is yours. A fun and interactive area awaits you to discover the mysteries of the making of this delicious chocolate. Come along for a visit of the cité, a selection of workshops, a chocolate tasting and even an all-chocolate meal and let yourself be surprised by this tasteful journey.

The museum of Valrhona Chocolate

La Cité du chocolat Valrhona

Our events labelled “Gastronomy Valley”

Looking for a place to share a delicious meal in an exceptional setting ?  That's what the “Bridge Food - la passerelle gourmande” event offers you. For a month full of surprises in May, opt for a wine discovery thanks to the May & wine (Mai & Vins) event. Our wine experts welcome you to their wineries! In February, the Salon des Vins in Tain l'Hermitage is THE place to be to take advantage of the good deals!


Our activities, wine and gastronomy

Feeling like going on a wine tour ? Come and ride through the vineyards on an electric bike! Fabien Louis will accompany you to make this ride instructive and tasty. Do not hesitate to contact Des Terrasses du Rhône au Sommelier for more information.

Would you like to learn more about wine tasting ?  M.Chapoutier invites you to discover wine in a different way.

Looking for a more unique experience ? Terres de Syrah and EasyBuggy offer you an open-air trip in a Buggy for an out-of-the-ordinary experience at the heart of the vineyards!

What if you went sailing on the Rhône while enjoying a wine tasting and local products? Contact the Compagnie des Canotiers or the Terres de Syrah agency! Various themes of aperitifs along the water are available such as "Wine and Cheese" or "Between Saint Joseph and Hermitage" which will introduce you to the best wines of the area. Enjoy this exceptional moment !

All activities

Easy Buggy
Verre de vin à bord du bateau sur le rhône

Our remarkable experiences

Experience moments of sharing! The remarkable experiences of the Gastronomy Valley were born from a real desire to create a bond. A unique and privileged moment, a meeting with passionate professionals, a total immersion in a world of discovery and greed. Embark at the heart of Ardèche Hermitage and experience a typical Rhône Valley experience. Discover the secrets of our greatest wines - Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage and Saint Joseph - and become a winemaker for a day.

Grape harvest workshops  at the Domaine Michelas St Jemms

From the vine to the wine, discover all the stages of the making of our grands crus by taking part in a key moment of the year that is the grape harvest.  The Michelas St Jemms family welcomes you to their vineyard for a special day rich in emotion and sharing. After a morning spent in the vineyards harvesting the most beautiful grapes, enjoy a winegrower's meal. Your immersion in the wine world continues with a visit and a tasting in the wine cellar during which all the secrets of a wine of exception (or almost all of them) will be revealed to you.

Vendanges de la syrah
Maison Chapoutier

M. Chapoutier !

Come and spend a day with Maxime Chapoutier to discover the great wines. Let yourself be seduced by the art of tasting and enjoy this moment of sharing. Take advantage of Maxime's knowledge to learn everything about wine and to deepen your understanding of winemaking. At the end of this experience, oenology will no longer have secrets for you. An activity labelled "remarkable activities" as part of the Gastronomy Valley!

Maxime Chapoutier also proposes a Gin training session during which you will be invited to taste various French Gins. A first part of the session is dedicated to the production and a second to the tasting. Smell the aromas and become a Gin expert! Don't forget to book your session with the Maison Chapoutier! 

 A morning in the vineyards with Terres de Syrah

Terres de Syrah, a young team of wine enthusiasts, welcomes you at the bottom of the Hermitage vineyards at the Cave de Tain. Experience a friendly and gourmet morning during which you will be meeting one of the collaborators of the cellar. Share an incredible experience and learn about the many anecdotes of the winegrowers before discovering the work of the vineyard. Each season has its own tasks: pruning, soil maintenance, pricking out, protection, harvesting ... The visit continues in the cellar where you will be accompanied by an oenological guide to discover all the production stages of our grands crus. End this beautiful morning with a picnic lunch in a unique location at the heart of the vineyard with an exceptional wine tasting of 3 wine appellations : Crozes Hermitage, Saint-Joseph and Hermitage.

Colline de l'Hermitage
Fût à La Cave de Tain

Come and enjoy a great tasting experience in Ardèche Hermitage at the heart of the Gastronomy Valley! Let yourself be surprised by the richness of our lands. Many gourmet events are organised throughout the seasons: The Onion Fair, The Fascinating Weekend, or the opening of the Truffle season...