12 majors Instagram places in Ardèche Hermitage

Go all over our territory to discover the 12 majors Instagram places in Ardèche Hermitage. Draw your smartphone, it’s time to snap THE photo of your holidays, the one that everybody dreams about ! These amazing places will be perfect on your feed-Instagram !

The Chapel de l’Hermitage

At the top of the Hermitage Hill, in the heart of the wineyards, the Chapel Saint Cristhophe a.k.a Chapel de l’Hermitage is one of the most emblematic place of our territory. Well-known by wine lovers, the Chapel offers a breath-taking view on the Rhône river and the Rhône Valley. No doubt : it’s one of the most Instagram places in Ardèche Hermitage. The landscape shows you Tournon – Tain l’Hermitage, the plains of Valence and also the Vercors mountains. It’s perfect for Instagram but, of course, for all photo lovers !

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The footbridge Marc Seguin

The footbridge Marc Seguin is the link between the 2 cities of Tain l’Hermitage and Tournon. It’s classified at the Historical Monuments. All the parts of this bridge give you some inspiration ! The different kinds of material, metal or wood, offer some beautiful composition with an amazing background ! With the sun or the wintry smog, let the charm performs !

The cloister of the collegial of Saint Donat sur l’Herbasse

It’s an historical place, perfect for all architecture lovers ! Open your eyes and discover all the details ! These beautiful golden stones, wood framework and gorgeous bas-relief tell you stories from another time. You will be watch by the kindly Saint Donat : his statue is inside the cloister yard.

The castle of Charmes sur l’Herbasse

Next to Saint Donat, the small village of Charmes sur l’Herbasse is aptly name ! This castle  is a golden mine for the medieval architecture lovers ! From the outside, it is huge and, from the inside, you find many rooms and furniture. Inside the lobby, the terrazzo floor catches your eyes and the stairways is astonishing : a perfect place for Instagram users !

Château de Charmes sur l'Herbasse

Boucieu le Roi

It’s a classified village, located at the heart of the Ardèche Verte. Into this place, you find beautiful houses. Its emblematic monument is the house of the Bailli (almost like a mayor in medieval times) is the symbol of the past glory of Boucieu le Roi, founded thanks to the King of France Philippe the Great. Don’t forget to go up, until the Pierre Vigne’s House to enjoy the view on the Monts d’Ardèche. After, you can go down, until the Pont du Roi, a bridge crossing the Doux river. A mirror effect makes this place perfect for Instagram users !


The Gorges du Doux

The Gorges du Doux : a sensitive and protected area that will rock your world ! Splendid landscapes where the spots for photo lovers are abundant ! Mordane, with a view on the railway line of the Train de l’Ardèche or the dam of Clauzel with its incredible wood bridge. We can add the Passage des Etroits, on the road D234, a narrow place.

The railway stations of the Train de l’Ardèche

 The railway stations of the Train de l’Ardèche have still their old charm ! Watch the clock to be at the right time and at the right place to immortalize the authenticity ! Pick up some informations at the railway station of Tournon-Saint Jean and find the Instagram places you like ! If you want to be close to the railway station, try the Vélorail (bikerail) and you can easily make some beautiful pictures !

Train de l'Ardèche - Mallet 403

The Zen Garden of Eric Borja

Travel far away easily ! Take your time to discover this amazing garden, a masterpiece of art, created by Eric Borja. You can visit it all along the year !


The castle of Larnage

In the middle of the “white land”, next to the Crozes-Hermitage vineyards, the ruins of the castle of Larnage are waiting for you. It’s a crude place where you can go safely, thanks to the works for a secure walk. Take some picture of the majestic castle, built during the XII° century. It was the home of the Larnage family, the local lords.

Jardin Zen d'Erik Borja

The castle of Tournon

One of the most beautiful castle of Ardèche : from its art collection to the amazing view of the Rhône river, the castle of Tournon is the place to be if you want to take pictures for your Instagram account ! It’s up to you to found the point of view you like ! Try the romantic bedroom of Hélène de Tournon, the terraces or the glaziery !

The Garden of Eden

Nested at the heart of the old protective wall of the city of Tournon sur Rhône, the charm operates even from the entrance and you can completely forget the city ! This garden is a piece of Nature, truly a little paradise with statues, olive tree, wineyards : a lot of composition for  photo lovers. In addition, you have a different point of view on Tournon sur Rhône, its castle and the Hermitage Hill.

Saint Sorny and its footbridge

At the heart of the Gorges de la Daronne, you find a place named Saint Sorny, a timeless spot. The traditional house is a private propriety but you can go the old Chapel. Walk few meters and cross the footbridge named “pont de singe” just up to the Daronne river. Make a little effort : you have to go by foot ! Be sure to have good shoes.

Lieu-dit Saint Sorny Gorges de la Daronne

Now, you just have to share your pictures and identified  Ardèche Hermitage (or use the hashtag #ardechehermitage). Choosing the most Instagram places of our destination is not easy but if we can add one more, it’s the orchards covered by flowers during spring time ! We hope that you find what you’re looking for and we are in hurry to see your photos !


Ruines du Château de Larnage
Château de Larnage @lepanyol