De Ferme en ferme: farms discoveries with Gaëlle

De Ferme en Ferme : a weekend to discover farms and taste wonderful local products, a great program and a family organisation !

My farms discovery program 2018, will be in Ardèche Hermitage region. Appointment on April 28-29th, 2018. It's easy, every year is the last weekend of April. This event has been around for 25 years! Farmers open their doors to share the passion of their profession. We have to follow "the scarecrow", the friendly mascot that brings us safely to farms.

What a choice: Honey, chestnuts, pigs, cheeses ... A whole program, enough to provide a small picnic with good products! On the menu: cheese tasting of goats and cows, deli meats and for dessert an assortment of organic fruit juices and honey toasts.  Finally I enjoy the pleasure of a nice little glass of Crozes-Hermitage, with moderation, of course!

I enjoy preparing the picnic and buy some good products over the farms we visit but for lazy gourmets some farms offer a country menu!

It's hard to choose which producers to discover in Ardèche Hermitage region ! Here is my farm program:

- Selection_programme_ferme_en_ferme_ardeche_hermitage.pdf My programm (1.7 MB)

In short! I think my Ferme en Ferme days  will be like yours ... delicious and enjoyable! Beautiful discoveries!


Ferme en Ferme Ardèche Hermitage.jpg