Alice has tested a ride in « Rosalie » through the vineyards.

Give yourself a nice ride through the Crozes-Hermitage vineyard. In Ardèche Hermitage, discover a unique way of doing it! Thanks to a Rosalie, an electric pedal car, by the wine cellar Pradelle. It’s an original and recreational activity to try !

Cave pradelle

The estate of Pradelle : an amazing place.

At the heart of the designation Crozes Hermitage, the Pradelle’s team, welcomes you into a cosy and modern wine cellar. The story of these independent wine grocers has started in 1854.

A family business

The estate of Pradelle is a family business since 6 generations ! This love of the terroir is passed from generation to generation. Nowadays, it’s Antoine Pradelle, young wine grover, who follows the tradition. The estate counts 40 hectares of wine yards, with the designation Crozes Hermitage and Saint Joseph. It’s cultivated in order to preserve the terroir and the environment. Rich of a longue experience, the estate combines authenticity and modernity to produce quality wine : Crozes-Hermitage et Viognier for the white wine, Saint Joseph et Crozes-Hermitage for the red wine. Taste the estate wine  (please drink responsibly) and share a friendly moment with wine  enthusiast at the Pradelle estate.

Tourism and wine

The estate offers many activities and animations around wines and vineyards. You will find a lot of occasion to taste wine and do a ride into the  vineyards. Since 2011, the estate has a quality label named “Vignobles & Découvertes”. This designation highlight the estate for these specific activities, mixing wine and tourism.

Electric pedal car : the Rosalie

From the beginning of spring to the end of autumn, Pradelle offers a unique way of visiting their wine yards: a ride thanks to a Rosalie. You follow the sign into the village of Chanos-Curson and discover different parts of the wine yards. This recreational activity is a delight for everybody. To finish, enjoy a wine tasting at the estate, wine from the wine yards you cross with your Rosalie.

All along the year, a lot of events

During the year, the estate of Pradelle is alive! Pic-nic in june, “Fascinant week-end Vignobles & Découvertes » in October, Christmas market in December, wine tasting and truffle tasting during winter time. Many events take place in the wine cellar like exhibition for example.

Rosalie electrique
Vins pradelle
Rosalie dans les vignes

I have tested a ride in Rosalie through the vineyards

I like viticultural landscape of our beautiful area and this designation famous all around the world. I feel lucky to be able to discover the wine cellars and their estate, making fabulous grape. The idea of crossing the vineyard is there and what a better way than an original way! The Pradelle offer an surprising possibility : a ride in Rosalie, with electric assistance, through the vineyards.

When I arrived to the wine cellar I’m warmly welcome by the Pradelle team. In few minutes, they explain to me the way to follow and how to ride a Rosalie. A map showing the different king of terroir for the grape in my hands, I discover the way, 20-30min around the village of Chanos-Curson.  This is useful of being filled with these information before going. Now, it’s time to control the machine! Alone, in couple or in family, there is no difficulty for using the Rosalie because it’s an electric pedal car. I’m relieved because I’m not a sportsperson ! Finally, it’s was just a little effort … with a big smile on my face ! Impossible to loose myself on the way, it’s really well indicated. I observe this beautiful landscape. It is a unique itinerary to learn more about the wine yards.

After my ride,  it’s time for the wine tasting! I can choose 3 types of wine between : 2 Crozes-Hermitage white wine, 2 vins de pays (local wines), 3 Crozes-Hermitage red wine ou 1 Saint Joseph red wine. I was a perfect moment to rediscover the appellations and the terroir of our area : a delight !

After this, I decide to buy a souvenir : a great bottle of wine to share with friends and some tapas from the wine cellar shop.

Practical information : a ride in Rosalie (2 adults and 2 children) : 15€ with the wine tasting. A recreational activity to try in Ardèche Hermitage !