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Wine and Ride


With Wine and Ride Tain, meet the winemakers of the Crozes Hermitage appellation, in Drôme des Collines, but also Saint Joseph in Ardèche. It is also an unprecedented opportunity to discover and exchange, in all intimacy, with craftsmen, creators and local producers of this part of the Rhone Valley, also called the Valley of gastronomy! During your bike ride with Wine and Ride Tain, you will discover the secrets of two appellations that share the territory on two distinct departments: the northern part of the Crozes Hermitage appellation, in Drôme des collines, and the Saint Joseph hillsides in Ardèche.

Wine and Ride Tain offers you its two main themes: Wine and Gastronomy and Wine and Crafts. These themes will be the focus of several visits, combining the discovery of the winemaker’s profession on the one hand, but also meetings with various local producers and immersion in the heart of the farm or the production workshop.

As a guiding principle, the oenological discovery remains the main activity of our adventure. With its rich terroir, the Rhone Valley has a majority of non-mechanisable vineyards, which makes the exploitation even more unusual, often using ancestral know-how. During each experience, a visit to one of these exceptional estates is included, completed by the discovery of the cellars, followed of course by a wine tasting.

A little bonus for the epicureans: focus on the Gourmet formula!



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From 01/04 to 30/11/2023, daily between 8.30 am and 6 pm.


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