On summer time, each Sunday, you feel like on holidays. We are looking for a little freshness on the shores of Lake Champos. My sweeties  are delighted ... let’s enjoy the waterslides!

Today I don't feel like doing anything, as sing Bruno Mars... But before to leave, we prepare the picnic, beach bags, blankets, beach and card games ... everyone is active because the idea of ​​going to the leisure base of Saint Donat in the "Drôme des Collines" region has a great success with the whole family.

First mission, look for the ideal location, a bit of grass, a little shade, not too far from the beach and the slides. Our little paradise found, we install the blankets and everyone does what they likess!

We snack, we drink (with moderation), we bathe, we make sand castle… well, we enjoy the day ! I sleep in the shade of trees, enjoying a little bit of air playing in the leaves, mmmh that’s happiness ...

The awakening of the siesta is a bit brutal, my chidren turn into commercial trying to sell me the waterslides tours! Sensations and laughter guaranteed, according to what they say. They wear me down ... Here we are installed on one of the slides "the big white", we challenge to arrive first down. We are like athletes in the startings blocks, ready,  steady, go ... They did not lie to me, the descent is impressive and we laught a lot.

I leave you after these few words, I am expected to test "the big blue"!

More information:Champos leisure base

Base de loisirs de Champos .png