End of the day, clear sky, the Rhône river is calm as always (with some exceptions), the conditions are ideal for a river ride in the sunset ... Rendez –vous , quai Marc Seguin in Tournon sur Rhone, the Sapine, pretty wooden boat , Waiting for you, we embark?

Love, exciting and new, Come aboard, were expecting you … ♬ You know these few words, the famous generic of the series “Love boat”! Okay it is not a great musical reference but this melody is running through my head as soon as I set foot on board!

Captain M. Spitz welcomes us on board with his broad smile, Madame is steering! Everyone is on board, our ride along the river begins with the soft light of a beautiful end of the day.

I'll let you enjoy a few seconds of this delightful journey...

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Meanwhile, my nose to the wind, my eyes wide open, I enjoy a glass of white wine (with moderation) offered by our hosts ... An hour of travel, but my daily life seems far away, a total change of scenery.

I tell you no more, but I can only advise you to enjoy the experience!

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