The first webcam in the Rhône Valley in Ardèche Hermitage area

Settled in Tournon sur Rhône - Tain l'Hermitage, the first webcam of the Rhône Valley gives a view like a postcard landscape and a splendid view of the terraced vineyards. This window, open on the Hermitage Hill, offers us a magnificent spectacle all year round.
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The agency "LeFrenchTourism" launches the first webcam in the Rhône Valley

As part of its partnership with the Ardèche Hermitage tourist office, the receptive agency "LeFrenchTourism" (Bertolami group) settles the first webcam of the Rhône Valley in Tournon –Tain L’Hermitage. It is a new receptive tourism agency, based in the urban community of Ardèche en Hermitage (ARCHE agglo), which aims to develop the territory, in particular within the framework of the Valley of Gastronomy. A desire to promote our destination, its appellations, its know-how, its gastronomic references and the excellence of its « terroirs », for french and foreign customers curious to discover this delicious place! This first webcam in the Rhône Valley offers a breathtaking view of a hill recognized among the most beautiful terroirs in the world: the Hermitage hill. In short, a great promotional tool, naturally shared with the tourist office, the region's first ambassador!

première web cam de la Vallée du Rhône

Skaping : new generation webcams

A prime location : to the top of the « Tour de la Vierge », overlooking the towns of Tournon sur Rhône and Tain l'Hermitage, the first webcam in the Rhône Valley is settled. This new generation camera, designed by Skaping, offers a high quality image. The name "Skaping" comes from the english word : Landscape. Indeed, the Grenoble start-up aims to enhance the most beautiful panoramas with a hundred webcams settled all over France. These new generation cameras capture and sublimate the most beautiful landscapes, day and night. In addition to those hight quality images, there are features such as "timelaspe *" and favorites: a selection of the most beautiful pictures. It is also a communication and promotion tool. In addition, photos taken by the cameras are regularly on the weather reports’ front pages of the major french television channels. Those images, accessible 24 hours a day, allow you to enjoy one of the most emblematic panoramas of the Rhône Valley!


Timelapse * video animation produced by a series of photos taken at different times.

la webcam Tain-Tournon, Vallée du Rhône

The most beautiful panorama of the Rhône Valley

From one bank to the other of the Rhône, between the towns of Tain l'Hermitage and Tournon sur Rhône, from cities to vineyards, this panorama leaves everyone amazed !

D’Hermitage en Saint Joseph : a panorama of 3 appellations in the Rhône Valley

A panoramic view of the steep slopes of Saint Joseph, the plains of Crozes-Hermitage, passing by the famous Hill of L’Hermitage, located on the left bank. This hill has been classified since 2011 as "national heritage". It is the cradle of a prestigious appellation proudly named "Hermitage". Exceptional red wines, tasty and dry whites , with a world-renowned reputation. One of the most beautiful vineyards in France, which you can admire without moderation thanks to the first webcam in the Rhône Valley. On both sides of the Hills and vineyards of Saint Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage : 2 appellations that reflect the richness of our terroirs and make Ardèche Hermitage a wine destination.

Syrah de la Vallée du Rhône
passerelle Marc Seguin Tain Tournon
La passerelle Marc Seguin

On the Left Bank, Tain l'Hermitage

At the edge of the national 7, the holiday road that Charles Trenet ( a famous french signer) cheerfully sang, crosses the town of Tain. In Ardèche Hermitage, it floats a holiday’s atmosphere. Here, we cultivate the “french art de vivre” . When the name Tain l'Hermitage is mentioned, the taste buds of gourmets are restless. Beyond our beautiful appellations, Tain is the birthplace of the delicious famous Valrhona chocolate. The Cité du Chocolat, opened in 2013, is a true paradise for chocolate lovers.

On this bank, the banks where the Rhône invite you to stroll along the Rhone River, you have the starting point of a cycle route :  it joins the « ViaRhôna* », to the village of « La Roche de Glun ».

The Marc Seguin footbridge (bridge located on the left of the image) is a link between the two cities. Listed as a historic monument, it is a must-see for all travellers visiting these two cities for the first time. "Wow effect” Guaranteed!

ViaRhôna *, bike-route connecting Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea

Tournon sur Rhône, on the right bank of the Rhône

On the right bank, the "Château de Tournon" catches the eyes. Proud sentinel of the Rhône river that it dominates from its enormous block of granite, it was the residence of the counts of Tournon, from the 10th to the 17th century. This noble family left some pretty anecdotes in Tournon! In particular, a love story, although tragic, inspired one of the most famous English poets: William Shakespeare. The castle now houses a fine collection, devoted to the history of Tournon but also to the Rhône and its bargemen. In addition to the permanent exhibition, its hosts works with contemporary artists every year, which surprise and brings new life into this historic place. The north terrace, facing the Hermitage Hill, becomes, during few evenings in summer, a festive place, on the occasion of the « Di’Vin Clair de Lune ». A tasting evening around our appellations, with lighting and artistic performances produced by the Tournon sur Spree collective of artists.

Château de Tournon sur Rhône

To the left of the Castle Museum, you can see the bell tower of the Saint Julien collegiate church and the impressive plane trees on the Quai Farconnet. A large square, in the heart of the city, with a southern atmosphere. Bordered by numerous « cafés », it is a place appreciated by « pétanque » lovers. It is located on the official ViaRhôna passage, continuing on the right bank to the village Glun.

On the right, the Gabriel Faure high school, recognizable by the glazed tiles of its chapel, is one of the oldest high schools in France. Nowadays, it’s a public high school and the chapel is desacralized. It was offered to the city by  the Cardinal François de Tournon in 1536.


La webcam Ardèche Hermitage

If the weather permits, you can see the Vercors massif in the background, its mountains and its colors that change with the seasons. Impossible to get tired of this panorama of the Rhône Valley : 180 ° degrees from a breathtaking view! This brief extract from the Ardèche Hermitage destination is a fine example of everything you can discover there… Enjoy !

Webcam Vallée du Rhône