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Harvest workshop, from grapes to wine - Estate Michelas St Jemms


Come and share this particuliar moment of the year : the grappe harvest ! Come to the estate when the sun comes up, at 7:30am. You'll be served a cup of coffee as you listen to a quick briefing of what to expect, then you'll set off for the harvest. At around 9am, you'll stop for a break and then head back to the estate at around 11am to bring the grapes back and store them in a cool place.
Then you'll be taken on a tour of the winery, the barrel storehouse and you'll learn all about our winemaking and growing techniques. Then of course, there's a wine tasting with commentary to find out about our appellations.
At lunchtime, you'll continue your experience of the estate.
At the end of the experience, you'll be given a certificate as a souvenir of this great day.


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  • Französich


Einheitspreis: 55 €.

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